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We love giveaways on CDN!  Nothing gets us more excited, than when we get to mail off great products to our readers.

Who can enter?  Being that we try to keep everything on our site as Canadian as possible, most of our giveaways are open to residents of Canada only, however we do leave this choice up to our sponsors.  Also for legal reasons, we ask that all entrants be 18 years or older.  (Of course adults are always welcome to enter on a child’s behalf.)

What do we giveaway?  So far we have been able to giveaway several great doll fashions, tools for doll care and even a few dolls!  Who knows what we will be able to giveaway next???

When are the giveaways?  Our giveaways are a bit unpredictable, the best way to stay informed is by either following our website or our Facebook page.

How do I enter?  We try to keep our giveaways as easy to enter as possible.  If you find that the process is too complicated or need assistance, don’t hesitate to leave us a message and we will see what we can do to help.

Sponsoring a giveaway:  Do you have great doll products that you would like to share with our readers?  Would you like to give your small business more exposure?  Why not sponsor a giveaway on CDN???  If you are interested leave us a message below.

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  1. Not all of them, we leave it up to our sponsors. The Maplelea $25 gift card was open to anyone, we just asked anyone who was out of the country whether or not they would use it as shipping from Maplelea to other countries is a bit pricey.


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