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DIY Doll Bathtub

Moldy mung beans, heavy tri-folds, late nights, and more stress than any 10 year should experience.  That about sums up my science fair experience, so glad those days are over!

Last month, when my 10 year approached me to sign her form for the optional science fair at her school I was less than thrilled.  My thoughts went to that funny science fair poster… and I thought if it is optional why put us both through the torture?  Clearly she doesn’t get her overachiever gene from me…

My daughter, Deedee and her friend ended up putting together a fabulous science fair project with bath bombs.  To demonstrate how the bath bombs work during their presentation, Deedee’s friend’s mother made the most adorable miniature bath tub.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking???  Right, this would be perfect for our dolls!!!

I asked her to share the details of making this mini tub with me, and now I will share them with you! This DIY project is incredibly simple, and fairly inexpensive.

All you need to make this adorable bath tub:

  • one large plastic bowl, large enough for your doll, this one is from Dollarama
  • 6 small wooden knobs, the ones seen here are from Michaels
  • top from a soap or lotion pump
  • red and blue paint
  • hot glue
  • cotton balls


Glue four of the wooden knobs to bottom of the bowl.


Paint one knob blue, and other red, allow to dry.  Once the knobs are dry, glue the knobs to one end of the bowl side by side to be the hot and cold water taps of the tub.  Next, glue the top of the soap pump above the two taps to be the water spout.


Last step!  Once the glue has dried, place your doll inside the tub, cover her with “bubbles” of cotton balls, and allow her to have a post-science fair de-stress.


6 thoughts on “DIY Doll Bathtub

  1. Awww that’s adorable! What a great idea! I hope your daughter had fun at the science fair! One of my friends from ballet class did a science fair project that was really fun, she had us all on pointe with blind folds then ear plugs to see if our balance was affected. Weirdly enough we all did better with blind folds and ear plugs than without them XD
    -Katie 🙂


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