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The Best Glue to Fix Your Broken Doll Accessories


Oh no, Ashlynn Ella, what’s wrong???


Poor Ashlynn Ella, dropped her purse, and it broke on the way to school!  What’s a girl to do???


Never fear, e6000 is here!  I simply love this glue, and I have used it to fix just about everything, including all our broken doll accessories.


This glue is a little different than most, you need to place a drop of glue on the broken piece…


…And a drop of glue on the place that where you want to attach it.

Just a word of warning this glue is very strong, and with it comes a very strong smell.  Be sure to do your gluing with an open window.

Also different from other glues you need to give the glue time to set before you put the pieces together.  Once the glue is applied, you need to wait a solid two minutes.


Once the wait is over, place the two pieces together.  Hold them together for about a minute until the glue adheres.

Next step, you need to wait about 24 hours until the glue completely sets, and it is ready for the real world.


The next day if there are little cobwebs of glue on your project…


…Just simply snip them off, and you are good to go!


Now Ashlynn Ella’s purse is good as new, and she is off on a date with Gunter Guntsman… or is that Hunter Huntsman?


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