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Fixing American Girl Caroline’s Hair


I know that Caroline enjoys sailing with her father, but when she arrived my house her hair was bit more than windswept!

As always I was up for this challenge, and planned to help Caroline look her best so she could get back to her ship.


First I clipped up the top layer of hair, so I could work on her hair in sections.


Next I spritzed her hair with water until it was damp.  I brushed through the tangles starting at the ends, and working my way up.


Taking her hair in small sections, I looked to see where her ringlets had once been, and then twisted them in the direction that felt most natural.


Using a toothbrush, I smoothed the hair in the twist.


Do you remember how well this method worked on Willa last year?  I was hoping for similar results, but not so much this time around.  I think that Caroline’s hair had been out of her ringlets for too long, and her hair was having a hard time remembering what to do.

I briefly considered using a curling iron…. no, I didn’t go through with it!  Instead I thought back to my time in junior high when I loved putting my hair rags overnight, and I thought that I would try something similar with her hair.


I spritzed Caroline’s hair once again, separated her hair into 6 big twists, twisted them tightly together, and secured them at the bottom with my junior high hair clips.  Then I left Caroline alone overnight to give her hair time to set and dry.


The next morning after I removed the clips, her hair looked liked this.  Not bad, but not enough curls.


Using my finger, I separated each curl in half, and re-twisted the piece of hair around my finger to make the curl extra tight.


All done!  Caroline’s hair was saved without heat, and it was so easy!

Caroline has since left my home, and is no doubt off on another sailing adventure with her father.  Don’t forget to take a brush this time Caroline!



15 thoughts on “Fixing American Girl Caroline’s Hair

    • I have tried the rag method on a Maplelea Taryn doll’s hair once, it held for the day but didn’t last much longer. The reason this worked so well was because Caroline hair had the curls set from the factory. I too remember the painful, and somewhat sleepless nights with rags… but it was so much better than the hard curlers!😝


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