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Play-Doh and Dolls, Who Knew?

I am so done with this winter!  The frigid temperatures have kept my kids and me inside most of this year, and I am running out of ways to keep them busy without electronics.

In desperation, I took a trip to Dollarama to see if I could come up some inspiration for a new activity.

I had to pick my chin up off floor when I saw Barbies for only $4!  Then I had an idea, what if I combined this great dollar store find with another…

… Play-Doh!  As if that wasn’t good enough, these Play-Doh packages come with a shape cutter!  So fun!


I brought my find home, and let the girls get to it!  Check out just a few of their creations…


I love the details of the small stars on this one.


A lovely three piece ensemble.


A delightful party dress!


They were all fabulous but, this one was my favorite!  Moy-Moy took a plastic page protector and used it as a form to create this purple star evening gown.

Have a few Barbies, but no Play-Doh?  No problem!  Check out my homemade play dough recipe!

The weather outside may be frightful, but activities indoors can be delightful!


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