Stop the Press!!!

Well, I should have clicked the “publish post now” button on Thursday with the post I was working on, but I was busy avoiding adulting for another 20 minutes (…okay 60 minutes) after my kids left for school.  It was during this time that I had a “stop the press” moment, and I knew my unicorn headband post would have to wait until next week.

A new post quickly went into the works, and now it is Monday and I am finally ready to post it… better late then never, right?!?!

Now I have rambled, and you are all trying to figure out what would have caused me such excitement, and to be honest I may be a little more excited then I should be, but it finally happened Maplelea has given Jenna a new look!

Photo from Maplelea.com

Yes, over the past few years Brianne, Taryn and Alexi have finally had a wardrobe up date taking them from Sears Catalog models to wearing something more relative to what my kids would wear today.

Photo from Maplelea.com

Jenna not only got a style update, but they changed her eye color.  Now maybe this isn’t a super exciting thing to many, but as someone who loves to photograph life around me including the dolls in my house Jenna’s former green eyes made photographing her tricky.  You needed just the right angle to make sure she didn’t look possessed.

Jenna’s meet outfit has changed two times in the past.  In the beginning is was a polar fleece outfit that looked almost identical to the one she most recently had, it was dated and in my opinion not super cute.  However, her new outfit however reminds my girls and I of what they see others wear everyday to school.

Photo from Maplelea.com

Right now you have the option of ordering the Original Jenna for $99.00, Original Jenna with Old outfit and new meet for $119.00 or the New Jenna with a special add on, of the Sports Enegry Pack also for $119.00.

Photo from Maplelea.com

Over the last couple of years Maplelea has continued to make very positive changes and maintained their high standard of quality and customer service.

I am looking forward to what else they may have in store for us.


*As always on our site prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.

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