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“Who Did You Buy the Dolls for Anyways?”

Please tell me it’s not just me, tell me that I am not the only mom who sometimes cringes when I see the “adventures” my daughters have with their dolls.


Recently I went into my kitchen to find Lafern’s latest “adventure” in full swing.  I lost my mind, all I saw was tulle, ribbon, permanent marker, jewels, and hot glue.  I walked in just as she was adding bling to her Lori Doll horse.

Mid-lecture on why we don’t use hot glue and markers near the dolls, my husband walks in.  Great, I thought now I have parental backup… no such luck!  He asked if I had bought the dolls for me or the girls, I answered “for the girls of course”.

Lafern rolled her eyes and told me “I am an artist and you are killing my creativity.” Crap… as I hung my head in mommy-shame I tried rationalizing that at least they were just the American Girl Mini Dolls and Lori Dolls play set, not one of her Maplelea Girls.

Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out… I will not kill her creativity.


Piano Girls Night Concert

After a lot of deep breathing, averting my eyes and still trying to micromanage her creativity we made it through the day.  I am so glad we did, she has been having so much fun with her latest “adventure”.  She asked if she could write a post and help take pictures of her creation, so here I am breathing deep again and turning the rest of the post over to her.


My family all calls me Lafern, well I named myself that when my brother couldn’t say my name.  I love to dance, the Piano Guys are awesome!!!  I like sitting in my hammock in my room listening to music and drawing. My favorite thing to do is get into my Mom’s craft supplies and our recycling stuff and see what I can make.

I wanted to make the “Piano Girls”, but they all needed matching outfits. I cut red tulle with my mom’s good scissors (shhh… don’t tell her) and wrapped it around their waist then hot glued the skirt shut.  To make their shirts I took white ribbon and cris-crossed it to make straps then wrapped it around, I used hot glue to make it stay together too.  Then I glued gems on to make it sparkle, and made gem necklaces.

I only had a piano so I made a cello and violin for the other two dolls, they also needed music.  I made music to attach to the piano.

It was lots of fun making stuff for my dolls.


Okay so the pictures are not super great, and it’s a super long post, but I did it…I breathed my way through Lafern’s creativity, and her taking over the post.  Honestly I am glad I did, she has a great mind and skills for creating.


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