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Simple DIY Witch’s Hat

Oh how I love this witch’s hat!  It was basic, quick and best yet it cost under $1.00 to make!  Even though it is a simple pattern (unless your child is awesome with a glue gun) you are going to help them, this craft.

The supply list is as follows:

  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • ruler
  • 2 inch wide circle pattern
  • colored pencil,
  • black felt
  • elastic
  • ribbon
  • wood burning tool to seal the ribbon ends

I started by tracing my circle pattern on the felt and then cutting it out, this makes the base of the hat.

Next I cut a strip of felt 2 inches wide by 6 inches long.  I then made a point at the center and added a dab of glue and made the point of the hat.  Then I made a strip of glue on the underside of the top edge of that hat, pinching it down onto the bottom of the hat, this leaves you with a cone type shape as seen below.

Once the cone is made I flatten the cone and cut a straight edge across making it even.  You will notice that after you do this, you are left with to very pointy corners.  To get rid of the pointy edges I folded the hat the other way (pointy corners touching), then rounded the the corners.  Once this is done when you open up the hat you will find it’s now a perfect circle.

Now we attach the top of the hat to the base. To do this I glued around the edge of the base of the cone, lined it up with the hat base then pressed the two together.  Once this step is done, I take a 12 inch piece of elastic and glue both ends to the underside of the hat.  If you cover the elastic with a small piece of extra felt it will better secure the elastic and give it a more finished look.

Once done I added a cute orange ribbon as a hat band  (this was the worst part of this project as it was hard to get it to lay just right).  I may try thinner ribbon next time and see if that makes a difference.

My girls love this hat!  If any of you tackle this project I would love to see your finished work.

Happy Halloween!


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