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Halloween Boutique Bow 

I have always loved bows in my girls’ hair, so much so that at one point in my life I actually had a business selling hair bows and tutus.  Life got busy and my business got put on the back burner, but as I walked the aisles at Micheals the other day I found Halloween ribbon in the sales bin, and I couldn’t help myself…the dolls in our house NEEDED Halloween bows.

So here I am with my first DIY post.  Forgive me if I miss something, I tend to make these with my eyes closed and I am not the best teacher.

Lets start with the supplies:

You will need:

  • 6 inches of 3/8″ elastic
  • 3 different colors of 5/8″ ribbon
  • 18 inches of 1 color 3/8″ ribbon
  • thread
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • wood burning tool
  • cutting mat or ruler
  • pencil

I started by sewing the strip of elastic into a circle.  I did this by laying the ends flat and just hand sewing it together.

Next I cut 5 pieces of ribbon from the 5/8″ ribbon.  Then I cut a V-shape into them and used the wood burning tool to seal the ends, and prevent any fraying of the ribbon.

After that I picked which order I wanted them stacked in, then found the center, and put them on the threaded needle.  Next I spread them out like a star, then wrapped the center with the thread.

Once the center was secured, I measured 16 inches of my 3/8″ ribbon, then using my pencil I measured 2″ from the end and marked it with a pencil, then marked every 3″ from the first mark.

To fold the bow I picked up my ribbon and found the furthest left mark, pinched the ribbon towards me, then put my needle through it, but did not pull all the way through. Then I found the second mark, pinched the ribbon towards me and folded it back like an accordion and pushed the needle through.  I continued doing this until there are 4 loops, then I pull the needle and thread through, and wrapped it around the center then tied off the tail of the thread.

Next I moved onto stacking the bows.  I did used the hot glue and made a dab on the star piece, then placed the bow on top of that, and held it between my thumb and index finger.

Next I glued the bow onto the elastic, covering where I had sewed the ends together. Then I used the rest of the 3/8″ ribbon to make the center of the bow.  To make the center I tied a knot, and glued the knot to the center of the bow.  I then wrapped around the ends to the back and glued them down.

Once the glue firms up, you are done!  Happy crafting!


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