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Happy Birthday with Maplelea’s Set to Celebrate

This week my family celebrates our triplets turning 9!  Yikes, where has the time gone?  Okay… I know where it has gone, lots of sleepless nights, a gaggle of toddlers to follow, and then they were off to school.  I always feel bad for these three with their June birthdays, as June is a crazy month in our home.  This year was worse than ever with dance, piano recitals, visits from grandparents, as well as track and field days at school, all falling on the same week!  I feel like I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off, and I have yet to plan a party for them!

When I was deciding what to write about this week LuLu asked me to sit, and watch YouTube with her, when I sat down I noticed she was watching our channel.  Lulu says she likes listening to Meg’s voice more than mine in the reviews… I always suspected she liked Meg more than me, it’s officially been confirmed now.

After three or so minutes of watching our reviews with LuLu, the video of Maplelea’s Set to Celebrate came across the screen!  What better post to write this week than one that involves celebrating birthdays?  So in honour of my triplets birthdays here is my review of the “Set to Celebrate” collection.

Set to Celebrate, is a must have for all the budding party planners in your life!  Aside from all the amazing details, it also comes with a box in which to store them safely.  I personally love that the banner is in both English and French.

Set to Celebrate is on sale for $65.00 right now, that is a savings of $10.00 or as I justify to my husband the savings covers the cost of shipping…making it cheaper right?!?

Maplelea also has a Set To Celebrate Outfit For Dolls.

This cute set sells for $18.00, the best part of this outfit is that you can also buy a Set to Celebrate Shirt for Girls , and most girls I know would love to match their dolls.

The Set to Celebrate Shirt for Girls is on sale for $12.00, down from $15.00.

I love that Maplelea has a complete set for girls, dolls, and imaginary play; this is a great addition to any collection.


*As always on our site prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD) unless otherwise stated


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