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Our Generation Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, I hate how easily I can get sucked into seeing how “Facebook Land” is seeing the world each day, but I love interacting with friends from the past, and meeting people who share similar interests with me through our Facebook page and other groups.  My absolute favourite part of Facebook though is the pop-up memories of events of the last few years.  Today, when pictures from last summer when Meg and I took our older daughters on location for a doll photo shoot popped up, I got super excited!  I know a little strange to get excited about a photo shoot, but I honestly had the most fun that night.


To make memories of this night even better I heard the ice cream truck in my neighbourhood this weekend.  Some of you may remember from last year I posted about the ice cream truck that plays Christmas music… guess what?   He has upgraded his music and now plays “Its a Small World”… ugh, on second thought I would rather hear the Christmas music…

Last year I bought the Our Generation Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck for LuLu and LaLa for their birthday.  They have had it for a year now, and it is still one of their most favorite playsets.  It often doubles over as a food truck, serving hot dogs, hamburgers, deep fried pickles, and more as well as ice cream.  They have never eaten at a food truck or even gotten ice cream from the ice cream truck, but seeing as they play it so often, it has been put on our summer bucket list.

So I have done a video review of the Ice Cream Truck, and I must apologize in advance its the LONGEST video in CDN history.  I will be the first to admit I usually stop watching you tube video that exceed the 3 minute mark, but the truck has a lot of detail.  All I can say is thank goodness Meg is a master at editing videos or it would have been way longer.

Yup that’s right my hands look like I am saying “ta-da” on the YouTube still.

The Our Generation Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck is available in blue and pink at Mastermind Toys, and retails for $199.99.  I managed to buy my ice cream truck when Mastermind Toys was offering 20% off all Our Generation products.

I would love to see pictures of you or your littles with their dolly friends at an ice cream or food truck this summer, and if you really want to make my heart smile… take video if your ice cream truck plays Christmas music.


*As always on our site prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD) unless otherwise stated.





4 thoughts on “Our Generation Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck

  1. Our ice cream truck is coming around again too. I don’t know what it is playing, but it sounds like the music you’d hear riding a carousel. 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh, this is awesome you guys! I have this ice cream truck stashed away in my secret Santa’s hiding place for Christmas this year. I got it on sale online at the Bay. I ordered it as soon as I saw it on sale because last year for Christmas, I was waiting for it to go on sale, and it didn’t. I haven’t taken it out of the box yet though, so seeing this was so helpful! I definitely didn’t know about all of the truck lights, and those windshield wipers are adorable!! I can’t wait for my girl to open it on Christmas! She will be so thrilled! (and now I want to play with it too! LOL!) 🙂

    ginnie /


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