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Review of American Girl’s Permapanties

Change is never easy, but the announcment of American Girl dolls having permanent sewn on panties in February stopped the AG community in their tracks, and AG social media lit up with protests and anger.  We also saw new hashtags emerge, #permapanties, #boycottag, and #stopagchange, to name a few.  This scandal to the American Girl community quickly became known as “PantyGate”.  Many faithful American Girl fans left the community, and I noticed a few American Girl bloggers abandoned their blogs, this change was just too much for some of us.  Through it all some fans were able to keep their sense of humour, and I have to say this video was one of my favourites…

In my life I have learned that every cloud tends to have a silver lining, so despite my hesitation with the permapanties I figured I would give them a chance.  Please allow me to be your guide to this permapanty change, and show you firsthand what created the uproar in the American Girl community.


The two models that I chose for you today are, American Girl doll Truly Me #40 and the latest American Girl doll, Z.


Here are the two dolls side by side, Truly Me #40 on the left and Z in her permapanties on the right.  As you can see #40 has bit more of an hourglass shape to her body, where Z’s body is fairly straight on the sides.  I hate to say this but Z also has a bit of a muffin top…


From the side the shape difference between the two dolls is visible as well.  While #40 has a very pronounced backside, Z’s backside is flat and has next to no shape.


From the back you can see why Z’s body shape differs so much from #40.  When American Girl made the switch to the new permapanty body, they chose not to add the darts that create #40’s backside shape.


The new American Girl body shape actually reminds me a bit of a Journey Girl doll‘s body.


You can see with the Journey Girl on the left and Z on the right, that they both are lacking a truly pronounced backside.


A big concern with many AG fans was how these permapanties were going to look in swimsuits.  So here are both my dolls in matching swimwear, and both have a bit of their bodies peeking out at the bottom.  Z actually looks better as her pink permapanties match the swimsuit… however had this suit been green or blue… not so much.


This is a closeup of Z’s waist, and swimwear doesn’t lie… you are able to see the indentations from the permapanties through her swimsuit.


Again from the side Z doesn’t look as good, her lack of a backside is once again very obvious.  My conclusion, I do not like the permapanty change.

Yesterday on Victoria Day, American Girl made the following announcement:Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.56.27 AM

Guess who will be making a trip to Wisconsin for a new body?  That’s right Z will be on her way shortly.  I am impressed that American Girl acknowledged that their change was a mistake and are offering to correct it.  Does this cloud have a silver lining?   Absolutely, now I have even more Z experiences to write about!


6 thoughts on “Review of American Girl’s Permapanties

  1. Thank you so very much for taking on the comparison of the permapanty doll and the older style and the Journey Girl. The permapanty body style is terrible. I am very glad AG finally listened to the collectors and changed back. I hope Z’s operation is successful. I hope she comes back with a better shape.

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