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The Sears Catalogue was always super exciting when I was growing up, my cousins and I would spend hours pouring over all the items and making our list.  I remember squealing in delight with my cousin when we found the “Get in Shape, Girl” sets, they were a MUST have.  Who wouldn’t want the headband, leg warmers, dumb bells, and wrist warmer?  The best part was the tape, our very own tape!  Thank goodness there is no photographic evidence of us sporting our gear while working out.

photo credit: The People History

In this house the Maplelea Catalogue is the hot item, watching my girls flip through the pages over and over again makes my heart happy.  Just before Christmas Sis was starting to make her Christmas wish list when she flipped to the page where Champlain was, I was instantly bombarded with high pitch girly squeals and a “please Mom, I really want him, I NEED him!!!”  Needless to say when your 11 year old still wants doll items as gifts they are bought…  I don’t know how many more years I will have of her asking for doll accessories…

As a girl I spent hours and hours on the back of a horse, and now as a mom I spend more time than I want to admit to at the barn with a horse crazy girl.  That being said, I have huge opinions on what makes a good doll horse. Believe me we have had a lot of different doll horses in our house, 6 to exact, and of all the different horses we have bought and currently have in our house Champlain is our favourite.  He is well proportioned to the dolls, also his head and body a very proportionate to one another. There are a lot of extra features, like defined muscles in the shoulders, and hind end, his face is a hard foam instead of soft-filled which gives him a more defined look.  A major winning factor for us is the fact that his tack fits very well, and the dolls sit well on his back and they stay in place.

Right now Maplelea is having a sale on Champlain until May 22, 2017 so right now he can be purchased for $68.00, following the sale he will return to his regular price of $85.00. You do not want to miss this sale, he is worth every dollar and will be a great addition to your doll family,


*As always on our site prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD) unless otherwise specified*

One thought on “Champlain

  1. Hahaha! Love the little cassette!
    The Sears catalog was always fun in my house too. I think that’s why I love looking at catalogs now. Always make wish lists; rarely get the things on them. 🙂


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