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Thrifted Kailey’s Doll Hospital Visit

Happy Friday!

There’s no denying that we have a lot of American Girl dolls. A couple have been purchased new, however the majority are from the secondary market – ebay and kijiji. Then there are the select few that I managed to rescue from the thrift store.

I love thrifting! I think it’s the thrill of finding something fantastic amongst the rows of cast away items. Most of what I purchase is home decor related, however I cannot resist checking out the toy section. It was on such a day that I happened to spy two American Girl dolls. I snatched them up right away and could hardly believe it! And their price? $4.99 each! Score! However, they were both extremely well loved. Poor girls! The doll in worst shape was Kailey Hopkins (GOTY 2003-2004). She had been given a hair chop and bright blue paint had been applied to her nails and eyelids. Luckily her body and limbs were in good condition.

Linked below are two YouTube videos showcasing what Kailey looked like when I first brought her home…

and then the reveal post-makeover.

Not a bad transformation hey? But despite the makeover, she really did need to visit the Doll Hospital for a new head at some point.

When we travelled to Los Angeles for Spring Break, I decided to bring Kailey with us and check her in at the Doll Hospital at American Girl Place for her head replacement (US $44). I found out that the dolls are actually shipped in a box to Wisconsin for repair and that there is no actual hospital at the store. I was also told by several employees that they could not ship her to Canada after the repairs were completed. I was certain they could, but in the interim I had provided my cousin’s address in the US. After speaking with an American Girl representative on the phone later that day, I confirmed that they will indeed ship to Canada. They corrected the address in their computer system and I was only charged the US shipping price of US $7.95. Yippee!

Kailey arrived at our place about two weeks after she was checked into the hospital. It was much faster than I had expected!  I don’t know who was more excited about seeing her with long hair, me or CC.


I really like how they package the dolls in the white, “original style” box with the Doll Hospital label.

Inside the box she is strapped down in pretty much the same way as a new doll.


It looks like her hair may have been put in a hair net, however it had shifted during transit and was no longer on her head.


The gown she comes with is too cute and I love the little white socks!



The hospital bracelet is also a really nice touch. I can see these items having fantastic play value when setting up a hospital or doctor’s office scene.


Finally, Kailey came with a signed certificate showing that she is now in perfect health. Happy to have you home Kailey!


Have a wonderful weekend!

~ Tara ~

12 thoughts on “Thrifted Kailey’s Doll Hospital Visit

    • Me too Jen! I knew that you could download a form from to ship a doll to the hospital and have it shipped back. It’s just a little more expensive.

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    • You’re welcome 🙂 Kailey is now one of my favourite dolls now that she’s all fixed up. I never realized that her hair had such beautiful highlights.

      Liked by 1 person

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