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Zazou Dolls Review

Last year my girls and I couldn’t seem to get enough of Disney’s Descendants, Evie and Mal became fast favourites in our house.  Out of the two, Evie is definitely my favourite, I love that she sews, flirts, and has a magic mirror just like I did in high school… well maybe not the magic mirror… Oh, how I wanted to add her to our doll collection, but since we had switched to collecting 18 inch dolls I didn’t want to bring a 12 inch doll into the mix.  What were my options?

During one our of Disney Descendants YouTube searches we came across, American Girl Ideas review of a custom Evie doll made by Zazou Dolls:


This had me intrigued… a custom American Girl doll?  Now that was an idea!  I looked at making my own, but the price of wigs not to mention the lack of availability in Canada, plus my lack of knowledge when it came to doll painting took me back to square one.

So I took the plunge, contacted Danielle Bertin from Zazou Dolls and inquired about a custom Evie doll.  Sadly the price she quoted me was out of my price range, she then kindly offered me a payment plan, however I knew that wouldn’t work for me either.  Danielle knew how much I wanted this doll and worked with me to find a way that I could have my very own custom Evie doll.  To cut down on the cost Danielle suggested that I provide the doll, so I purchased a secondhand Samantha doll to be transformed into my beloved Disney character.  Finally my dream doll at a price I could afford!

During all our back and forth making arrangements for me to have my very own Evie doll, Danielle was incredibly accommodating, easy to work with, and very patient.  She also has a great sense of humour, I still giggle over the message she sent me about the doll’s head in my suitcase.  Do you want to know something else great about Danielle?  She is Canadian too, and doesn’t live too far from my parents!  As it turns out she just happened to be driving though their town last summer, so I had the pleasure of meeting her.

After all that work what did I think of my Evie doll?  Allow me to show you…


…Isn’t she fabulous?  I love this doll, especially the braid crown detail Danielle added to her wig, just like Evie!  This braid crown is removable, so I can simply clip it in or take it out depending on Evie’s mood.


What I like about Danielle’s style of customs is that she keeps them simple, and doesn’t over do it.  I am pleased that my doll looks exactly like Evie would if she were an American Girl doll.  I also love that all Zazou Dolls are customized with very high end hair that can be curled, straightened and washed, now doesn’t that sound like a doll that would be fun to play with?


Is there a custom doll that you have on your wish list?  Contact Danielle at Zazou Dolls and see if she can make your dream doll a reality too.


* My Evie doll is not wearing a Zazou dolls costume, this is one that I had purchased from Jessie’s Girl Clothing on Etsy.  Shipping to Canada from this Etsy store is incredibly high at $35, YIKES!  If you are interested and would like a review of Jessie’s Girl Clothing comment below letting me know, I will be happy to write one.

18 thoughts on “Zazou Dolls Review

  1. Wow, Evie is super cute! I love Descendants too, although I think I prefer Lonnie, Audrey, Jane, or Mal. I would love a review of the clothes!


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    • So once I had this doll it is just wasn’t enough Descendents for us… I ended giving in and going for the 12 inch dolls… we have just about all of them now😂 We are so excited the Descendants 2 coming out this summer! I am with though, her and Jay is amazing ❤️


  2. Custom dolls are so much fun! Glad you were able to get what you wanted. Right about now I’m good, no ideas, but you never know when that might change. I’m going to add her to my bookmarks!

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