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Visiting American Girl Place

Happy Friday! Since it’s finally starting to feel more like spring where we are, I thought I’d reminisce about our awesome visit to American Girl Place – Los Angeles over Spring Break.


This was our second time at the store. Now that CC is six, she seemed a lot into it this time around. She brought Julie with her and I had Min, my JLY #4. Kailey (my amazing $4.99 Value Village find) also tagged along, but with the intention of dropping her off at the Doll Hospital for a new head. Poor Kailey!

We visited the store on a Thursday morning which is a fantastic day to go if you don’t like crowds. We had reservations at the Bistro for lunch, so we had over an hour to take in all the American Girl magic.


Julie got her ears pierced and hair done at the salon. CC decided on the fishtail braid. I noticed they have another set of earrings that you can choose from now, which is really nice.


We then wandered through the store looking at all the cute set ups. CC loved seeing all the Girl of the Year dolls on display and got a kick out of sitting in Julie’s egg chair, pretending to sing into Melody’s microphone and hanging out in the girl-sized Wellie Wishers house.







I spent most of my time admiring both the Maryellen and Julie displays. I think American Girl has done a fabulous job designing their products. Julie’s bathroom is so fun!


It was then time to eat and lunch at the Bistro is definitely one of the highlights. When I booked our lunch I also reserved the terrace. I love eating outside!


This time around however, I forgot my credit card and had a limited amount of cash on me. Luckily our server was so nice and didn’t mind us splitting the Tic-Tac-Toe pizza — and I had some money left over for a glass of Chardonnay.

Each meal always comes with warm mini cinnamon buns to start, a veggie tray with mini baked pretzels, and a dessert plate with a vanilla cupcake and chocolate moose (in a garden pot with a flower).


I love all the details like the bow hair accessory for a napkin holder and the mini doll cups and saucers. Both of which you can take home. Oh yes, both Julie and Min joined us for lunch. I think they had a great time too!


At the end of our visit, CC got to chose one thing to bring home. She chose Rebecca’s Coney Island Games. I think it will be so fun to set up in a summer picnic theme! I really wanted to pick up Maryellen’s Party Punch Set since we can’t get it here in Canada. Unfortunately my husband was with us when we were picking out our goodies and when he saw the price my purchase was quickly vetoed (insert eye roll emoji here). Note: purchase items prior to husband coming to meet you, haha.

Overall it was a fantastic experience! I highly recommend visiting American Girl Place if you ever get the chance.

6 thoughts on “Visiting American Girl Place

    • It’s definitely fun to go if you’re ever near the Grove. I think visiting the Bistro is one of my favourite parts!


  1. Wow!! AG place Los Angeles has a lot more displays than the store in Missouri. Great pics, looks like a fun day was had….and I second the *eye roll on the ol’ hubby, lol!! I say if you’re gonna enjoy it, get it. It’s only money…

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