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Journey Girls Epic Summer Set

Summer background design Free Vector

Photo Credit Pixart

Ahh, summer my long lost friend!  I have anticipated your return… hot days, warm evenings, and hours upon hours spent at the pool and the beach, welcome back summer!

…Okay, I may have jumped the gun on welcoming summer back so early… in reality we live in Alberta, we still could get snow and have to bring winter jackets out of storage.  For today, however I am welcoming summer back!  We had amazing weather, I was able to wear flip flops without my sanity being questioned, and we announced an amazing giveaway!

Finishing the day up watching my kids play outside without jackets and watching a lady bug crawl across my foot my heart got excited.  When my daughter LuLu told me “Mom I love summer!” my heart busted with pride.

Journey Girls must love summer too, last summer we found this super cute Journey Girls Epic Summer Set at Toys R Us.  This set is so cute!  My personal favorite part is the beach ball that actually needs to be blown up, and the little details like the ice cream cone coming apart, and the beach towel are just icing on the cake.

At the time of this post going up Toys R Us currently does not carry this item, but keep your eyes open it may be back closer to “real” summer.


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