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A New Author on Canadian Doll Notebook???

Quite often on Kijiji you find great deals… sometimes you get ripped off… and maybe you just may find a new friend.

Last spring I had arranged to purchase a Kit Kitteridge doll from a seller on Kijiji, when I went to meet up with the seller, she had arranged to meet another seller, Tara to purchase a Gwen Thompson doll.  Naturally, as we were all adult American Girl doll collectors, the three of us got to talking, I asked them what their thoughts would be on creating an adult doll collector club in Calgary.  They were both interested, and the three of us exchanged information and a few months later Calgary Dolls with Dolls was born.

Over the past year Tara and I have become good friends.  She is always giving me great deals on dolls (because I could never have enough) and giving me ideas for articles.  Seeing that Tara has more American Girl insight and knowledge that either Michelle or I could ever possess, we thought that she would be the perfect fit for our website… the missing piece to our puzzle.  We are pleased to announce that Tara has graciously accepted our invitation her to join our CDN team!


Tara with her daughter at American Girl Place, Los Angeles.

I’ve asked Tara to answer a few questions, so that you have the oppoutinuty to get to know her better.  With no further ado I will allow Tara to introduce herself:

When did you start collecting American Girl?

I started collecting American Girl in the summer 2013.  I follow Diana (Being Mommy with Style) on YouTube, and she showcased her girls’ beginning collection of American Girl dolls.  Her daughters are close in age to my own daughter.  I thought the dolls were really neat so I immediately went to ebay and looked them up.  The rest is history!

Do you collect any other dolls besides American Girl?

For a while I did.  In the past I’ve had dolls from Takara (Blythe), Gotz, Maplelea, Madame Alexander, Journey Girls, Our Generation, Disney Animator, Hearts for Hearts, and Corolle.  Most of these dolls have or will be sold or donated because I find collecting different types of dolls overwhelming.

Who was your first American Girl doll?

I had won an ebay auction for a perviously loved AG #23.  My daughter really liked the Saige movie and I thought with her freckles, she looked a bit like Saige and would make a great starter doll.

Which is your favourite American Girl doll, and why?

I find that my favourites tend to change.  Right now I would say it’s a tie between AG #26 and Z — I think they both have great character.

What do you feel you will bring to Canadian Doll Notebook?

I bring a love of American Girl and 18″ dolls in general.  I love setting up doll scenes and undertaking DIYs!  I’m also well versed in previously released American Girl collections. Although I’ve purchased a fair number of items directly from American Girl, I tend to acquire a lot items from the secondary market (ebay, Kijiji), etsy and other 18″ doll brands.  I’m also in the middle of organizing our relatively large collection of dolls/accessories.  It can be difficult to manage all of the items without them getting lost. And then there is that feeling of just having too many things!  I’ll definitely take readers along on my organizing journey.  I’m so happy to be a part of the Canadian Doll Notebook team!

If you could have any doll, or doll accessory in the world what would you choose to add to your collection?

I adore Lanie’s camper. It’s definitely on my wish list!  I also would love a custom Marie Grace with a different wig.

Thank you Tara, Michelle and I are so excited to have you join our team!  You can look forward to reading her posts on Fridays.

You never know what your next Kijiji deal may bring…


13 thoughts on “A New Author on Canadian Doll Notebook???

    • That post is from last May 2017, you may not have been following us at that time. Tara is fabulous, but like Michelle and I she got really busy with other things this past year. She plans to start posting again shortly🙂


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