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What can I say?  I love Newfoundlanders.  My neighbours growing up were from “The Rock” and were the best neighbours we ever had, after several moves back and forth across the country our families have remained close to this day.  I have visited Newfoundland myself a few times, and I don’t think that you will find a kinder, friendlier people anywhere else.  That’s why when Sandra Stuckless from Your Doll’s Closet contacted us about working together, I was fast to respond.  Sandra has not disappointed us either, working with her over the past few weeks has been a dream, and her products are simply adorable but before we get into that, let’s allow Sandra to introduce herself:


Sandra’s booth at the 2016 Newfoundland Kids EXPO.

I started hand sewing Barbie clothes when I was 10 or 11, and graduated to real-people clothes when I learned to use a sewing machine in junior high.

Since then, I’ve sewed just about everything: costumes, fashions, quilts, drapery (!), stuffed animals.  I had my own visual merchandising business for about ten years, that was fun!

My nieces got me back into doll clothes.  I babysat my youngest sister’s first baby girl; then when that little girl was two, my sister had twin girls!  Auntie’s hands were full.

Another sister introduced us to the American Girl catalogues. We spent countless hours cutting out the dolls, gluing them to cardboard and playing.  They each got dolls when they were ten and I started sewing for them.

The girls grew out of their dolls, but I never did 🙂

I realized as they got older and more independent, that I would soon be out of a job. What to do? What to do?

Hey!  I could sew!  Doll clothes!  There was definitely a demand, but no local supply.  The deciding factor was discovering Liberty Jane patterns.

My husband is a photographer and web designer: I’m a mad fabric-aholic  ….we were off!  That was five years ago.  We had one major hiccup when my mother had a heart attack while on vacation with us in Florida  — a very bad summer – she’s fine now 🙂

We started again in earnest the following Spring.

To summarize…..

  • I love fabric and sewing: always have, always will.
  • The joy of watching my nieces with their AG dolls got me started.
  • The challenge of a new fabric or pattern keeps me going.  One thing I try to do is copy  the AG GOTY “meet” outfit – it tickles me when the little girls recognize it.
  • I adore custom work!
  • My main focus is my online store, but I do one show a year – the NL Kids EXPO – in early June.  Then I have six weeks of Saturday afternoon Open House Sales in my home in the Fall.
  • One fun doll experience was a repair to ‘Chavonne’, a Journey Girl doll.  Bad boys had ripped her apart, splitting her fabric body.  I carefully took her apart, used her destroyed cloth body as a pattern and stitched her back together (by hand).  Re-stuffed, she was as good as new, and sent home in a new nightgown with strict instructions, never play with bad boys again!  The little girl and her grandmother were delighted.

Sandra’s showroom/shop for her Open House sales in the fall.

Sandra has just about anything you would want at her online store, dolls, doll funiture, a variety of boy and girl clothing and accessories, not only that she will also do custom orders.  If you can’t make it to the NL Kids Expo this June, be sure to check out Your Doll’s Closet online and see what is available, my personal favourite are the newsboy caps and her custom Newfoundland doll, you gotta see her!


2 thoughts on “Your Doll’s Closet

  1. I am new to making doll clothes, and when I was home in Newfoundland in January, I contacted Sandra to see if she would be willing to meet with me and share her expertise. Needless to say, she was more then welcoming! We spent almost three glorious hours together, and her advice and suggestions were fantastic! Lovely, talented lady! Everyone should visit her site “Your Dolls Closet” you won’t be disappointed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Jeanette. I hope to one day meet Sandra as well, she and her husband seem like two wonderful people❤️


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