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“We’re from the Country and we like it that way!”

Ahh, the words of Tracy Byrd and memories of my teenage years come flooding back every time I look at Maplelea’s Brianne’s Wonderful Western Wear Outfit.  The purple fringe shirt, pink cowboy hat, and purple boots, all scream 1990’s era Rodeo Queen in the making.

Don’t get me wrong I am not dissing rodeo queens of the 90’s in any way.  I lived with one in college… she had more “pleather” pants, and shirts with fringe on them then I ever thought existed, and I am from rodeo country… eeks!  Love ya Dawn!

As an adult, it is not an outfit I was overly drawn to, but for the girls in my life it was a “pretty”, “awesome” and “amazing” outfit.  This outfit was given two thumbs up by all the girls.  I have a daughter that has been looking for purple cowboy boots since seeing Brianne’s… I told her they can not be found in real sizes ever… shhh!

Wonderful Western Wear sells for $42.00

This outfit is a great addition to any collection; it holds up well and the girls will love it!

Well after watching this review I may just send off the following suggestion to Maplelea:

“Please add a Rodeo Queen Sash to complete this outfit.”


*As always on our site prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.

3 thoughts on ““We’re from the Country and we like it that way!”

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