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How to Remove Scratches From Your Vinyl Doll

Older brothers are mean, I know this from personal experience.  I was born with a ski jump nose, while some people think they are cute and desirable, my older brother told me I had a “pig nose”.   If that wasn’t bad enough, he would pin me to the floor, push my nose up into a pig snout position and force me to snort like a pig, in order to be let free.  Yep, they are mean.   After hearing this story, I am sure it’s no wonder to you why I am so self-conscious about my nose, and pay particular attention to the noses around me.

When I took my daughter to buy her Journey Girl Kyla doll, I took the extra time to search through the Kyla dolls in the store to ensure she got the Kyla with the perfect nose.  Some of the other dolls’ noses had been pushed up against the plastic window of the box and had a “smushed” appearance, that just wouldn’t do.  Once we got home, our perfect nose Kyla became my daughter’s constant companion.  I would find Kyla in all sorts of places, doing all sorts of things… I even hear she was smuggled to school a time or two.


With all that play Kyla was bound to receive a bump or two, but I was sad to see her that perfect “non-smushed” nose had a fairly sizeable gouge.  This gouge needed to removed so we could have our perfect nose Kyla back.


All you need for this dolly fix is 1500 and 3200 micro-mesh.  That’s right!  Micro-mesh is the same stuff I used to remove the shine marks from my Newberry doll.  Like I mentioned in that post I bought my micro-mesh from eBay, but you should be able to find it at most hobby stores.


First step, using the 1500 micro-mesh, I rubbed the scratched surface of her nose.  The micro-mesh acts as sand paper, and lightly removes a layer of the vinyl so don’t push hard, as don’t want to remove more vinyl than necessary.  Ensure in-between every few rubs, you stop and check the progress in order to avoid over-sanding.


Now that the scratch is no longer visible, it is time to polish her nose.


Now using the 3200 micro-mesh, once again in small circles I rubbed her nose.  It doesn’t take too much work to polish, so again don’t push hard.


At last, Kyla has her perfect ski jump nose back!


19 thoughts on “How to Remove Scratches From Your Vinyl Doll

  1. I definitely need some micro mesh! We have a girl with a scratched face too! 😦 Also, I think you have a very cute nose. 😛 Big brothers, ptthhbbb! I’ve got one too! And he is still a pest now that we’re all grown up, but he is also great in a pinch like when my car won’t start, or my sink faucet leaks everywhere. (both of these things happened yesterday, but they are all fixed today.) Hooray for big brothers! (Still a big, pesty pest, even at the best of times.) LOL!

    ginnie /

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  2. Great information! One of my sister’s dolls had a mishap on the sidewalk here and we used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to fix it. Her scratch wasn’t quite as bad as the one shown here though.

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    • She is so pretty, isn’t she? Don’t tell the other dolls but her mold is one of favourites. I have been working on avoiding the thrift shops, I have spent far too much money there over the past couple of months😳


  3. Almost every one of my girls has a scuffed nose resulting from a perfectly set pose thwarted by a sudden breeze from behind. 😦 I think Lanie was first and Kirsten is the most recent. Their scuffs are quite tiny so I’m certain one circle with each mesh will take care of it.

    Thank you for the details and showing the results of your work. It’s quite helpful.

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  4. It amazes me that vinyl smooths so well with micromesh-lovely job!
    Kyla was our first Journey Girl and I love her too. When you’re ready to go thrift shopping again, I totally want to join you.
    Oh, and btw- I think you have an adorable nose!

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    • Thanks Becky! We should definitely hook up and head out to the shops, I would love that! I am busy now with spring cleaning, but in the couple of weeks I should be free!😊


  5. Meg,

    You are comical. I have my own nose funnies as well. One of the American Girls fell from a shelf and landed face first in a toy scooter. >.< I am headed to Hobby Lobby for the sandpapers. I thought I was going to have to replace her head. Thanks much!

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