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Maplelea’s Gymnastics Set


To say I live with a flexible little monkey is an understatement. From the time LuLu was born she has climbed the highest, will hang off of any bar she can find, and contort her body into all sorts of positions.

We started her in gymnastics as 2 and by the time she was 4 we moved her into dance, with her favourite classes being her Acrobatic Arts classes. When she saw that Maplelea had a Gymnastics Set, it quickly shot to the top of her Christmas wish list.

As with any other item we have bought from Maplelea we have been extremely happy with the quality. The mats feel like the mats LuLu practices on at our studio, the cheese wedge unfolds into a long ramp, or fold back up into a block and the balance beam is made of wood. The only concern I had was in regards to the trampoline, I was worried about how well it would hold up and how we were going to store it. My doubts have been washed away, the trampoline has held up to all the LuLu has put it through and the legs fold flat, making storage a breeze

The Gymnastics Set sells for $85.00. It was well worth the money, it has had and will continue to have hours of play and ”practicing” of routines.

NOTE; As always prices listed here are in Canadian Dollars

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