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Review of Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas

I knew when Ed and I were engaged that part of his Chinese culture included taking care of his parents, which meant that his mother would eventually stay with us for part of the year.  What didn’t know at that time was that my parents would choose to move back to Nova Scotia, and come to live with us six months of the year.  As it stands right now there are very few months of the year when we don’t have grandparents in our home.  This has been a bit of an adjustment, I can no longer traipse around the house in my undies or make cookie batter and indulge with the boys in eating half of it before it ever makes its way into the oven.   However with some of the losses I have gained the benefit of afternoon naps.  That’s right, quite often in the afternoon I spend some extra time with my favourite pillow and blanket while I allow the grandmothers to have some “alone time” my boys.


I love waking up to this sweet face!

It was during one of the these siestas that Dee-dee ran into my room right after school, and jumped on my bed waking me up; she was ready to watch the next new American Girl movie.


So what did we think of Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas?

I LOVED IT!!!  It had all the right ingredients to make the perfect movie, conflict, romance, humour, and believable characters.  Alyvia Alyn Lind who also played the role of Lou in the comedy “Blended” was the perfect Maryellen, she is so adorable and loveable.  Near the end of the movie Ed walked in and asked me what was wrong.  I thought that I was doing a great job holding my composure however after he asked I lost it, I managed to squeeze out between sobs, “Maryellen… *sob* …is such a nice girl… *sob,sob*.  So yes, this one is a tearjerker so have kleenex box handy ladies.  This is definitely a movie I would watch again, and again with my kids.  I give this one FIVE STARS!!!  Dee-dee loved it too!

Well since Ed’s mom is visiting this month, I am going to grab a BAKED cookie and take a nap, good night!



2 thoughts on “Review of Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas

  1. What a special get-away for you and your DD nestled in bed! At our house we have a pact to wait to look at a new AG catalog u till we can sit down together.
    Maryellen’s book, and movie, are terrific!
    I am currently watching Ivy’s movie on the treadmill at night. It’s giving me a lot of happy 70s memories.

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