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Mom She is so Much Like Me!

Three and a half years ago when we started looking at getting our daughters their first Maplelea Girl, my oldest daughter fell in love with Brianne Kovac.  She loved that Brianne has blonde hair, she has a horse named Chinook and she was from the prairies. She was the doll that my oldest identified with the most.  There was only one catch, her outfit!

(photo credit Maplelea Girl Wiki)

My daughter could not get past her meet outfit, she said it was ugly, she wanted a doll with a pretty outfit.  I was devastated for her, she was the doll that even I wanted her to get, but I too agreed with her about the outfit.  I felt like poor Brianne was wearing an outfit that her Grandma ordered from Sears for her mom and now Brianne was wearing it as a Hand-Me-Down.  So Brianne did not make the cut and Leonie was purchased first. We have since got a second hand Brianne, but we ditched the “ugly outfit” fast.

Thankfully Brianne  got a make over. Her new meet outfit is darling cute, and even though we do not have the new Brianne, Meg’s daughter got her so we have got to play with her.

She is a beautiful doll, I love her eyes, they are so blue and remind me of my daughter’s, and she has a super sweet face, we have read her journal pages, and my daughter is fascinated with Brianne’s life.

Brianne Sells for $99.99, her line of clothes and animals are one of my favorites.

3 thoughts on “Mom She is so Much Like Me!

  1. I have to say….I agree with your daughter’s opinion ! Many of the outfits provided for the Maplea dolls are just wrong. Did they never think to ask a little girl if she would wear it? That’s the real test; not Mom’s, not Grandma’s, not even Auntie’s! I learned that lesson early making clothes for my nieces’ dolls. My proudest moment was when they’d say: “I’d wear that!”


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