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Canada’s QTπ Doll Clothing on Etsy

Michelle: “Did you see who messaged us?”

Meg: “We are running a giveaway, everyone is messaging us.”

Michelle: “No, Meg did you see WHO messaged us?”

Meg: “Who?”

Michelle: “Marilyn, from QTπ Doll Clothing!!!”

At this point I screamed.  Michelle and I couldn’t believe it when Marilyn from QTπ Doll Clothing contacted us in the fall and offered to send us an item to giveaway!  Needless to say we are big fans of Marilyn’s work, and I am so excited to be sharing this fellow Canadian’s fashion forward doll clothing with you.  Marilyn has her own Etsy Store and also has many patterns listed for sale on Pixie Faire and Etsy.

Marilyn lives in Ontario and is a mother of three girls, when they were growing up she would sew clothes for them.  She has a passion for creativity, and a love for sewing so, now she sews trendy clothes for 18″ dolls and will do custom orders for most dolls.  So if you love trendy clothing for your dolls or looking for a great couch, be sure to check out QTπ Doll Clothing.

Now let me show you what Marilyn sent us to giveaway!

Unfortunately this giveaway has ended, but I strongly encourage you to check out Marilyn’s Etsy store and her patterns on Pixie Faire and Etsy.  This is another talented Canadian that we are happy to promote!


21 thoughts on “Canada’s QTπ Doll Clothing on Etsy

  1. What do I love most about spring? It is when I see the migratory birds returning to my garden and the bulbs peeking though the last of the snow. The time change (extra hour of light at the end of the day!) doesn’t hurt either! 😉

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  2. Spring – I love that the snow finally disappears…although I still have 5 feet of snow presently in my front yard. There are more blue skies, warmer days, and thoughts of flowers!

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  3. I love her work! I need this because Logan has no cost for Spring and my DS can’t wait to take him for his walk in the Park! Puddle jumping and walks make Springtime magical

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  4. My favourite part about spring is getting my gardens ready for planting. I love getting my hands dirty and growing my own fruits and veggies. 🙂

    Love this line of Doll clothes. Super cute stuff!

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  5. the best thing about spring is the feeling of it being a new beginning – flowers coming up, buds on the trees, birds chirping and warm weather!

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