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How to Remove Shine Marks from Your Dolls

If dolls could talk do you wonder what they would say?  I am sure that my Newberry Katie doll wold have a tale or two to share if only she could.  It was obvious to me when I picked her up that she had already had had a rough doll life, but since she has been here, she has been trapped in a plastic bag, and put through the wash in order to remove lingering cigarette odour.

She also came to us with bright blue arms, so since November she has been in my window naked covered in acne cream.  Well now the odour is gone, and the her vinyl stains have been removed, so now to deal with the sine marks on her forehead, yet another trial she will no doubt silently endure.


Here lies my poor Katie doll, with four distinct line-like shine marks across her forehead.


For this DIY doll repair you only need one tool, micro-mesh.  I used 3200 grit as that was the finest grit I had, but if you have finer grit go ahead and give that a try first.  I found my micro-mesh on eBay, but you could probably find it at any hobby store.  If you do buy yours from eBay, don’t forget to use your Ebates!


Move the micro-mesh in tiny circular motions across the shine mark, use as little pressure as possible to achieve the desired result.  Remember you are sanding the vinyl, so you don’t want to push hard, and cause a gouge in your doll.  Also be careful when using this method over painted areas of the doll’s face, as you will also remove the paint.


I used my thumb to brush away the dust that was left behind.


No more shine marks!!!  Katie is looking good!

Warning!!!  Do not try this on your own skin!  I had a hairstylist do this to me with a towel to remove the hair colour he dropped on my forehead… he successfully removed the brown dot, and I was left with a scab…. unlike Katie, I talk “OUCH”!!!


13 thoughts on “How to Remove Shine Marks from Your Dolls

    • No, I think they are rub marks. Either from your doll being dropped or scraped by something. Grease marks should come off with a little dish soap and water.


  1. Thanks for sharing how to repair and mend dolls. I have several dolls within my collection that have endured marks of time in so many ways. This post covered one of them–shiny spots and streaks upon doll skin. I’m looking forward to reading more on these fixes, as I want to get as many of my dolls back to how they were as much as possible. Thanks again!

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      • Do you have anything on how to get rid of the dark grey marks that show up on vinyl dolls? I have a few Barbie dolls that have this grey film on their legs, and I’m not sure how to get it off. Also, I have a rubber doll that my mom had when she was a little girl; I’ve kept it in storage to protect it and I’ve always kept it clean, but is there a way to keep the “skin” soft? It’s an AmoSandra doll that somebody got Mom back when the TV show “Amos & Andy” was popular; the fact that it’s survived two generations of playtime is amazing. Can you help? Thanks again!

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      • I wrote this article about removing stains from dolls, it may help:

        I have just started collecting Barbies again about a month ago, so I don’t have much experience with them yet. I did however find this great site:
        I will definitely go there when I start to need Barbie help.

        That is certainly amazing that your Mom’s doll has survived so much play! Keeping dolls soft? Are you asking how to keep them from drying out? I also have no experience with this however I found this information and thought it was better than the other advice, like keeping her in the freezer or spraying her with WD40:

        Hope that helps! Thanks for all the questions, it keeps my eyes open for ideas for future posts.

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      • Thanks, Meg! I checked out the Spruce article. I had thought of keeping most of my dolls to pass on to either a daughter or to a cousin (if the daughter thing didn’t come to pass, and in this case it didn’t). But now I might consider selling them to a collector if I can get them in fairly decent shape. I even have the “Andy” doll and original “Midge” doll. The splitting fix may help some with the Andy doll.

        Mom had somehow lost the original outfit for the AmoSandra doll, so it looks like I’ll be getting a new outfit just for keeping her. Again, thanks so much for your help!

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      • Oh, how I would love to see your collection! I am so glad I could help, I just picked up another Barbie today, they are so much fun😊


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