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I See London, I See France…

For me I never understood the reason behind dolls having underwear, socks or tights. I just found that they were more items to keep track of (or lose), and no one sees them. But my girls pointed out to me that they wear underwear and socks and no one sees them. My girls are always putting “clean” underwear on their dolls. Maplelea has a great collection of undergarments and socks for their dolls.

Underthings can be bought for $16.00 and is a 3 piece set, it also comes with journaling pages as well.

Socks, Socks, Socks, items in my house that always seem to be missing a match. I find it funny that my girls keep track of their dolls socks, better than their own socks.

Box of Socks also sells for $16.00, the box comes with 6 pairs of socks and they fit the dolls great and are easy to put on.

Note: as we are a Canadian site, all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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