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How to Reattach a My Life As School Boy’s Leg


I know what you are thinking… didn’t you show us how to do this last week?  Nope, that was reattaching Rapunzel’s head.  Like I have said before, being a doll in our house is not an easy job.  It was actually the older girls that did this, they claim that it happened when they were trying to take off his shoe, so I need to add this to my review of the My Life As School Boy review, be careful as his legs detach fairly easily.

I know I am a sick and twisted doll collector as my first thought was, “now I get to see what he looks like on the inside!”, not “oh dear my child broke her toy”.  So let’s take a peek at the inside, shall we?


As it turns out, he is completely hollow on the inside… not the type of boy I want my girls hanging out with anyway, tee-hee.  You can see his arm joint on inside at the bottom, it looks like the same type of joints as his legs.  As the legs and the arms are so similar, I am sure that the method for reattaching legs will also work on his arms.


The black circle at the bottom in this photo is his neck joint.  It looks as though if I was to reach inside with a pair of pliers I would be able to easily detach his head… but I won’t be doing that today…

Let’s reattach that leg!


First step, I grabbed my handy heat gun.  If you don’t have a heat gun I am sure a blow dryer set on high heat would work just fine, it will just take a bit longer to heat the vinyl enough.


I set my heat gun to “2”, and let it do it’s job.


It only took about a minute for his body to be warm enough to work with, you want it to be nice and squishy like in the photo above.  DO NOT walk away while your heat gun is doing it’s job, I would hate for you to melt your doll!


Next I just pushed his leg back into place, since he was so warm it popped in nice and easy.


Here he is all fixed, and feeling whole again!


After a 20 minute rest period to allow him to cool down, he was back to work with Rapunzel by his side!


8 thoughts on “How to Reattach a My Life As School Boy’s Leg

  1. Thank you for the tip. Can you please help with the arm? It turns out the arm joint is completely broken and it remains inside the doll. My daughter has a perfect arm but I can’t figure out how to get the hinge part out of the arm cavity to reattach to the doll.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lucky for me I haven’t had problems with the heads or arms of these dolls. I have been asked for help with both. I will take at look at my doll, and see what I can come with. Sorry I can’t help you right now.

      Be sure to follow my blog so when I have an answer you will know! Thanks for stopping by🙂


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