Going Shopping!

Shopping on Americangirl.ca

Import fees.

Did I just cause a sharp pain in your chest, and your wallet?  If it did then like me, you hate paying extra fees on your purchases from the US.

We live a fair distance from a major city, and tend to do a lot of our shopping online.  It is so incredibly convenient since I have small children at home, and I find it easier to compare prices this way.  Quite often on my search for great products I am directed to American sites… I can attest that this is dangerous…

When Dee-dee was just a baby I wanted to buy her the Fisher-Price Little People Nativity playset for Christmas.  I began my search online, and I found not just the nativity, but the Inn, the shepherds, the drummer boy, the wisemen tents, the entire little town of Bethlehem!  I was sold, I would no longer settle for just the nativity, I wanted it all!  I searched and searched but I couldn’t find the extras on this side of the border, I had to admit defeat and order from Fisher-Price.com.  At that time the dollar wasn’t too bad, as I knew I couldn’t find these toys in Canada, I prepared myself to swallow the extra sipping costs as I clicked “checkout now”.  All I could picture was the  wonderful first Christmas Dee-Dee would have playing with all her new toys!

That was until two weeks later when it arrived… if only I had known about the Duty and Taxes Estimator when I had ordered…  I arrived at the post office to to pick up my little town of Bethlehem, and was completely caught off-guard when I was asked to pay the import fees…. yikes! This purchase ended up costing more than I had expected!

Since this experience I have been very cautious when ordering any items from the US.  This past Christmas however there were so many great deals on the American Girl website that I couldn’t allow them to pass me by!  I had my order in the cart, and I cringed when I saw my total convert from US dollars to Canadian dollars, then I had to add shipping fees… was this gong to be worth it once I added the import fees at the post office?  My shopping cart was calling to me and I took my chances as I placed my order with Americangirl.ca.

I was shocked when it arrived the following week, and when I went to pick it up I wasn’t changed any import fees!  What was going on?  Then I took a closer look at the box…


Do you see it too?  My order was shipped from a warehouse in Mississauga Ontario, right here in Canada!  No import fees!!!

When shopping with Americangirl.ca, there is no need to fear import fees any longer my fellow Canadians!


2 thoughts on “Shopping on Americangirl.ca

  1. I totally cringe about import fees too! Once, a long time ago, I placed an order from Gymboree. I ended up paying more in import fees than the order itself! They never mentioned it on the website either. Only when you go to pick up your parcel. Then you get dinged. That was a lesson learned!
    But I think that since the Canadian version of the American Girl site receives everything at its own warehouse right here in Canada, then no import fees are necessary. That’s why the Canadian site doesn’t always have everything that the American site has. Their warehouse only gets certain items in certain quantities.
    Currency exchange is another thing entirely. Like you, I ordered a few things for Christmas this year from American Girl, but I’m telling ya, unless it’s for something special like Christmas, I just can’t bring myself to order anything anymore. The exchange rate is atrocious! I’m so funny. I constantly put stuff in my cart, but then the currency converter never fails to change my mind at the last minute! LOL! 🙂

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com

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    • I completely understand! There are a few things I want… thinking $30 isn’t too bad then I convert to Canadian and I close my browser… maybe one day our dollar will increase🤞


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