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How to Remove White Scuff Marks from your Doll

I lean over to fish a doll out of our kiddie pool, and turn to find another lying facedown in the sandbox… just another summer afternoon at our home.  I gave my boys dolls so they could play with their sisters… and hopefully leave my girls’ dolls alone… you can give a boy a toy of their own, but boys will be boys… needless to say being a doll is not easy at our house.  How have I managed to gain all this experience with doll repair,  you may wonder… I think you now have your answer.

Last week not only did Goh-goh brake Rapunzel’s head off when he threw her across the living room, he also left her with a nasty scar.  this past Tuesday I showed you how I managed to reattach her head, now I will show you an easy trick to remove those white scuff marks dolls receive from rough play.


Here is Rapuzel’s owie… poor dolly 😦


You don’t need much for supplies with this trick, just cut a small piece of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.


Run it under tap water, and squeeze out any excess water.  You want the Magic Eraser to be damp and not wet.


Next rub the Magic Eraser over the scuff mark until it disappears.  Be careful around any painted areas of the doll’s face; as in this case, I was careful to keep the Magic Eraser away from her eyebrow.  I have used it over painted areas before without problems, just rub as lightly as possible to remove the scuff, I would hate for you to remove any of the doll’s paint.


All done!  That was much easier than reattaching her head, here’s hoping she doesn’t wind up in the kiddie pool next!


14 thoughts on “How to Remove White Scuff Marks from your Doll

    • Oh gosh, I am always asking for help as well… ask away!❤

      Yes, this will work on AG dolls, and any other vinyl dolls.😊

      Glad to hear these posts are helping someone, that is my goal.☺️

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      • Was so delighted to find that my mom had a Magic Eraser in her arsenal of cleaning supplies. It removed my new used doll’s scuffs wonderfully and now I’m so excited to work on my other dolls’ scuffs! I found it does remove her cheek paint so I used it just on the scuffs that were on the very edges of her blush and I can’t tell very much. So excited to have her looking her best! Thanks so much again for your lovely doll posts! 😄

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  1. Another amazing doll repair post. I do believe that our Saige needs some magic erasing. 🙂 I can’t even imagine life with energetic boys. All I have is my 13 year old nephew, and he’s always been very mellow and laid back, even when he was a baby.
    Dolls in the kiddie pool! Dolls in the sandbox!! Gah! Your poor nerves! LOL! 😛

    ginnie /

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