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How to Reattach a Disney Princess & Me Doll’s Head

I presented a small bowl of macaroni and cheese to my daughter, she pushed it away informing me that she doesn’t like cheese on her macaroni.  I then rinsed the cheese sauce off her macaroni, and presented to her once again.  A second time my meal was refused, she wanted cheese sauce, but not the orange cheese sauce, she wanted the white cheese sauce… oh my!

When it came time to find the right doll for her, I knew it was also going to be as difficult a task as serving the right lunchtime meal.  It took us four different dolls before we found her “perfect doll”.  I ended buying her a Disney Princess & Me Rapunzel doll from Kijiji; it was love at first sight, she grabbed the doll from me and held her tight, and now Rapuzel goes everywhere with us.  Every parent understands the pleasure you feel when you find the right toy for your child, seeing her face light up, and the giggles that ensue are priceless.

You can imagine my distress after I walked in the door last week, and found this precious doll lying on the couch in the position below:


Apparently this had something to do with her little brother.  Ed tells me that she cried herself to sleep the night this happened, as far as she was concerned she had lost her best friend.  Sadly this doll is no longer manufactured, and goes on eBay for some obscene prices… what was I to do?

I have received quite a few desperate messages from mothers in this same position asking for help to fix their daughter’s best friend.  I have given my best effort to help these mothers repair their daughter’s dolls, and  I simply love when they send me the photos of their doll repairs.  Oh, you sweet loving mothers I now completely understand how you were feeling when you were asking for my help!

rapunzel head fix

I took a close look at her neck, it reminded me a lot of an American Girl’s leg joint, do you see it too?  I figured if I had been able to repair those, I could reattach Rapunzel’s head using the same method.

rapunzel head fix

I gathered my supplies, a hemostat, wire cutters, American Girl doll tension cup, pliers with a crimper, brass ferrule, and my lovely heat gun.


Using my wires cutters I first removed the old ferrule.  I did this so I would be able to push the tension cup down as far as possible on the elastic cord, and give a nice tight fit with her head.  I didn’t want Rapuzel to have a floppy head on her adventures!

rapunzel head fix

Now that the two elastics were separated, I could get working!


The hole in the tension cup wasn’t large enough to accommodate both elastics, so I pushed one down inside her neck, and chose to work with the one left out.


Next I started stacking.  First one on was the tension cup, pulling the elastic fairly tight, I then clamped the hemostat on top of the tension cup, the hemostat kept the tension while I threaded on the brass ferrule.


With the ferrule in place it was time to crimp.  I crimped that ferrule as hard I could so it would stay in place, I didn’t want this poor doll losing her head a second time!

rapunzel head fix

Now that the ferrule was tightly in place,  I removed the hemostat.


With my heat gun set to “2”, I heated Rapuzel’s head until it was nice and squishy.


With a chopstick under the tension cup, I pushed the tension cup against the hole at the base of Rapunzel’s head until I managed to pop it inside.


We gave Rapunzel about a 30 minute rest to cool down after her reattachment surgery.  Now she is happily back at work, bringing joy to my little girl once again.

Believe me, when I receive your messages I understand firsthand how you are feeling.  I am always here to help, and I will do my best to have your child’s best friend back to work as soon as possible… I also have the perfect macaroni and cheese recipe if you ever need it.


18 thoughts on “How to Reattach a Disney Princess & Me Doll’s Head

    • I have really been focusing on doll repair lately, as I have so many dolls to fix to sell. The more dolls I have worked on and repaired the more I realize how similar they all are, these tricks can basically be applied to any brand… you just have to use your imagination😊


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    • I purchased the ferrules from Amazon, but you should be able to find them at any hardware store. The American Girl tension cup I took from an old doll I happened to have. However you can use pop bottle lids, and I recently read about people using rubber bumpers too in place of a tension cup.

      Thanks for contacting me, if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to email me at


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