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Review of My Brittany’s American Girl Clothing

I would like to know, has anyone in Canada successfully found Jess the American Girl of the year 2006 for a decent price?  If so, I want the details!!!  I understand that I am about 10 years late to the party, but you would think that there would be someone in this country trying to find a new home for this doll!  I am completely enamoured by this doll as I think that she looks so much like my youngest daughter, and would be the perfect Chinese New Year model!  Hunting, watching, on eBay as well as multiple Facebook groups, have only lead me to the sad conclusion that this doll is out of my price range.

I was lamenting my fruitless searches for Jess to a dear friend, when she told that she had a Jess look-a-like (Truly Me #40) that she would be willing to sell me for $30.  Thirty dollars?!?!  I was sold, I had a model for Chinese New Year!!!  This doll did have a bit of a problem as the previous owner had drawn earrings on both her ears.  I considered sending her the American Girl Hospital but $44 US for a new head, plus shipping there and back, wouldn’t be worth it.  So I thought I would try my doll care skills, and add a little benzoyl peroxide to her ears and see how it goes.  I decided to use the 5% benzoyl peroxide instead of the 10% as it had worked so well on Taryn previously.


Check out these results!  All I did was apply the cream and place her in the window, no heaters, no special lights, no saran wrap!  I think that in another couple of days it should be all cleared up, but I have an article to write, and I need a model!

Gong Hei Fat Choy!!!


This year we celebrate the year of the rooster, which happens to be be Michelle’s Chinese Zodiac sign.  Have a wonderful year Michelle!

Do you remember in last year’s article how I was wishing that the dress I had for Alexi had the Asian buttons???  Right after last year’s Chinese New Year I joined Brittany’s American Girl Doll Clothing Facebook Group, and found this adorable dress for $8 US!


Aren’t these buttons so sweet???  It really makes the dress!


I also liked that snaps were used as a closure instead of velcro.  As this fabric is so delicate velcro would easily leads to snags on the dress, as well as the doll’s hair.


This dress fit my doll so well, and I simply love the colour!


Here is a view of the dress from the side.


As you can see in the photo above, the snaps lay nicely in the back.

I have no complaints about this dress whatsoever, it is absolutely gorgeous!  Better yet it was a great price.

My Brittany’s has a great selection of American Girl clothing for great prices.  Although they are not located in Canada, shipping costs are low, and I have yet to pay any import fees.  I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are hunting for something special for your doll.

…Also if you do happen to find a Jess for a great price, please, please, drop me a line!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


7 thoughts on “Review of My Brittany’s American Girl Clothing

    • Thanks Ginnie! I love my #40, and at $30 I really can’t complain… however if I was to find Jess for a good price I would scoop her up too. I really just love the mold, it’s my favourite Asian mold of all the 18 inch doll lines.

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