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Review of American Girl Bitty Baby

There is no feeling that compares to holding a newborn baby in your arms.  You admire her tiny, delicate features, and contemplate just how perfect she is, as you feel her warm body tucked in close to yours.  She squirms a little, and then a little more, until she finds that perfect position, then her body grows heavier as she sinks deeper into your arms and peacefully fades off to sleep.


My oldest daughter Dee-dee shares my love for babies and was so excited when I brought home a secondhand Bitty Baby in the spring.  Seeing that Bitty Babies were only available in through the US, I figured this would be the only Bitty Baby we would ever own.


You can imagine my excitement this past October when this Bitty Baby set was available at Costco, in CANADA for $129.99!  I had to get my hands on one of those and fast!  I called around, and sadly no Costcos in my area had any in stock!  Luckily my Dad happened to be driving through Red Deer at that time, and took his chances at their Costco.  He caught the man as he was taking the dolls out of the crate, Dad tells me that he got the first doll out of the box!  Thank you Papa!!!


So here is our lovely brown-eyed, brown-haired, light skin Bitty Baby ready for review.  She doesn’t have a name yet, but I am sure Dee-dee will take care of that on Christmas morning!  Shhh!  Don’t tell her but this is what will be waiting for her under the tree!!!  I will wake Bitty up and we will get on with the review.


This is her tag to prove that she is a genuine American Girl Bitty Baby.


So here is Bitty, as you can see she has a soft stuffed huggable body.  Her body isn’t stuffed as tightly as the American Girl dolls which makes her even cuddlier.  Like the other American Girl dolls, her head, arms, and legs are vinyl.


I love that she had the signature American Girl star over the her heart.  Just little added touch that made me go “awww”.


This is Bitty from behind.


The fabric of her torso has been folded, and stitched so that she has a bit of a bottom.  As you can see she this bottom helps her to sit up well on her own.


This is the stamp on the back of her neck, once again proof of her authenticity.


I was so excited to see that she had neck strings on the side of her neck.  I am sad that this characteristic of American Girl dolls being phased out.


I think that she has the most adorable face!  I just love her chubby little cheeks, and button nose.BBeyesclose_Fotor

Bitty’s eyes close when lying, here you can see her long eyelashes.  They are stiff like the American Girl lashes, but not as long.


In the photo above you can see the added detail of the molded hair.


Her hair has been painted on, and as you can see already shows signs of scratches, despite being fresh out of the box.  The texture of her hair is a bit rougher than the rest of her skin.


I am loving all the details in her little chubby hands.  The dimples in the knuckles, and the folds at the wrists are so sweet.


Her tiny little feet, and toes have the same attention to detail.


Look at her chubby little legs, and the folds at her ankles and knees!  As you can see her legs are stitched directly to her body, so she isn’t able to hold many poses.


Her arms are in a nice flexed position.  Like her legs, her arms are also stitched to her body.

Needless to say I love this doll!  She is so sweet, and I just love all the extra details that make her seem more real.  I know that she is going to be loved, and snuggled Christmas morning as Dee-dee dreams of the day when she will have her own newborn baby to hold and admire.


*As always on our site prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD) unless otherwise stated.

13 thoughts on “Review of American Girl Bitty Baby

  1. She is so different from the old Bitties. My sister has a Bitty from 1996 that looks very different and is even built differently from the current one. I didn’t know AG added those folds in the body or put a star heart on the chest.

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  3. This was really cool to see! I have an old Pleasant Company Bitty Baby (bought secondhand at a thrift shop), and it’s really interesting to see the changes they’ve made. And your Bitty is super cute! Mine has grey eyes and blonde hair. What is your Bitty’s name?

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    • Good question Miri, I think she calls her “Baby”. I have a PC “our new baby” doll, one of these days I would love to do a side by side to compare the two😊. Thanks for your comment!

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