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Newberry Dolls, Why?!?

Since starting this website the question “Have you checked the stats?” have been asked between the two of us more times then we would like to admit. I am pretty confident that in the begining if we had a $1.00 for everytime we checked our stats, both families would each be mortgage free or have an even larger doll collection.

In the beginning checking stats was all about seeing how many people were coming to see what our reviews and opinions were on dolls, but recently we started looking at what posts are the most popular, giving us a gauge as to what you the readers want to see more of.

The day Meg called me and told me that our Review of Canada’s Newberry Doll had been viewed over 700 times I was shocked. To find out that when you google “Newberry Doll Reviews” we are in the top 2 spots I was dumbfounded.

As of today Review of Canada’s Newberry Doll has been viewed 1,006 times. I am still in shock over this. Maybe I am naive, maybe I am a doll snob, maybe I am just a die hard Maplelea fan that I can’t understand why its our most popular post. Truthfully even the first pictures we had of a Newberry Doll were ones we took of a doll in rough shape and you all still read the post. Thanks Meg for loving our readers enough to give them great new pictures of a new Newberry Doll.

It begs me to ask you all who, what, when, where, and why?

WHO is your favorite Newberry Doll?

WHAT is your take on rooted hair and eyes that don’t blink? (Because I personally am wigged out by dolls that don’t close their eyes, and hair that reminds me of barbie hair.)

WHERE did you initially find Newberry Doll information?

WHEN you got your first Newberry Doll were you immediately happy with her and are you still?

WHY did you decide to purchase or look into purchasing a Newberry Doll?

Please fill me in, maybe I can be swayed in my opinion, but as it stands now this is my personal opinion…

Though Newberry Dolls are cute enough and I love that they are Canadian, I will buy a lot of items to review for you all, but…I will never buy a Newberry Doll for this house.



19 thoughts on “Newberry Dolls, Why?!?

  1. Hi, I bought a Newberry doll because I am an adult (Canadian)collector of the 18″ dolls and I also make and sell doll clothes at craft fairs. So I wanted a large variety of dolls on display with my clothes. However, I can see why this would be a popular choice in Canada, because of the price point (not every one has a gentle child at play, that you can afford or even want to put a $100.00 doll in their hand, the fact you can get it here in a store, and they have darling faces. The eyes do not bother me at all, their faces are beautiful (I have Lillie) but the only down side is their hair. The rooting job isn’t bad I have seen worse, but the ragged cut on the bottom took me hours to cut even and at that not to my satisfaction. Thanks Adrienne


  2. When I started my blog my Espari review was one of the highest viewed as well as my Jordanna Journey Girls review. Some of it has to do with the words that are used in the title (which I’m sure you ladies know if you are checking stats), but it has more to do with what else is out there. If you pop up first or second for even just a few people that are trying to research the Newberry dolls…that could be a lot of clicks. I don’t have a Newberry doll, but I have lots of Journey Girls (a Lotus cousin). I love rooted hair, but wish it was thicker. Human hair is normally rooted…it looks more natural to me, especially pulled back. All doll eyes can kind of creep me out. Although I do like that the eyes stay open in certain positions, especially for photos. I loved the Journey Girls the first time I saw them (As well as the Newberry dolls). Their faces are very sweet. Taking them out of the package I wasn’t sure how I felt about the body (and I’m still not). I love some things about it, but it isn’t as high quality as some of the more expensive dolls. Overall though…still love them. Love your site! Don’t stress too much about the numbers. Just know that you are helping some people make better decisions about their doll purchases and bringing smiles to lots of others!


  3. I recently purchased 2 Newberry dolls, Emma and Jacquie, for my 8 year old daughter. She and I both love them- very pretty faces (prettiest of 18 inch dolls in my opinion), wonderful starter outfits, cuddly bodies, all at a great price (on sale for $24 at Sears). No they aren’t heirloom quality. They are for playing with! I am enjoying this playtime with my daughter as well and look forward to shopping together for outfits with all the money I saved on the initial purchase 🙂 I was worried about the rooted hair looking bad but after doing some research I realized that the wigged hair look of the American Girls and Maplelea is not to my liking. I think the rooted hair looks more natural. When reading up on these dolls beforehand I came across your post. It wasn’t too encouraging but I decided to buy them anyway. I’m so glad I did.

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  4. This post is very upsetting, not all of us have $100+ to shell out for a doll!!! I have bought my daughters Newberry dolls and they are happy. Yes, they are not amazing quality, but my girls like them, and that is good enough for me.


    • It was not intended to be upsetting in any way. It is solely my opinion. My girls started with Our Generation Dolls and loved them. I personally could not get attached to the Newberry Dolls so after seeing it is our most popular post everyday I was curious as to why. Thank You for stopping by and reading our posts.


  5. We have four Newberry dolls to date, and we do like them! True, the hair is rooted, so if you like to do fancy hairstyles on your dolls, you should probably use another doll like AG, but I find that the Newberry dolls really show their worth with the kids. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter LOVES all of her dolls, but these are definitely in among her very favourites. I think it has to do with their sweet faces and their eyes! I know they don’t close, but they are BEAUTIFUL! Also, I love their toes. They have cute molded toes on the bottoms of their feet as well as a tiny indented arch. I know, that’s obviously not a huge selling feature, but it was worth a mention. 🙂 That being said there are some cons to these dolls. The hair which was already discussed, but also sometimes their eyes are placed crookedly, so if you are purchasing one of these dolls it’s probably best to see them in person to gauge their hair as well as their eye position. I don’t know if it is a quality control issue or not. The one that we have isn’t too bad, just slightly off, but I have seen some that are very noticeably crooked. Their eyes also don’t close which isn’t a total deal breaker in my opinion as sometimes it is good for lying down photo shoots. These dolls are actually perfect for younger girls because there is less of a chance they will ruin the eyes. Last, is that some of their dolls, despite having different names/clothes are exactly the same doll. For instance, their blonde dolls. We ended up with two identical blonde dolls because of this. We just pretend they are twins, but if you don’t want two of the same, then keep that in mind. Despite the cons, I do have to rank these dolls above OG because of their sweet faces, and their limbs are less pliable, more like AG. I also rank them above Journey Girl, because they have completely soft bodies rather than the vinyl chest plate, but also because they are a far better fit for the average 18 inch doll clothes/shoes. We don’t own any Maplelea dolls, so I couldn’t make that comparison. Now on to my number one favourite thing about these dolls. 🙂 And it’s not the price, well not really the price I guess, well maybe a little. See here’s the thing, when your kid is swinging that $100 doll around, and dragging her outside, and yanking her clothes on and off, and tugging a brush through her beautiful curls, you kind of die a little on the inside. (Maybe it’s just me. LOL!) But the Newberry dolls don’t bring that kind of anxiety with them. They have been through the wringer, and they are still in great condition. I feel way better about my eight year old (darling that she is) hauling the Newberry dolls on outdoor adventures than the more expensive dolls. I know that we can teach our children how to handle the dolls appropriately, but accidents do happen. So all in all, we love AG/Maplelea, but for us Newberry is a really good alternative. My favourite Newberry doll is the Asian girl, Lily. We are part Japanese, and in my opinion she is the best Asian doll option out there. 🙂

    ginnie /


  6. Newberry are, sadly, one of my least favorite Lotus dolls because they lack poseability (floppy!) but I had to have my redhead and I love the coloring on my doll that looks Indian (no clue on their original names just this second). I don’t lay my dolls down much so the eyes don’t bother me much. I do love Lotus face sculpts, eye colors and skin/hair choices which are artistically rendered with attention to realistic details.

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  7. The Newberry dolls are the cutest dolls out there in my opinion so much nicer looking than the AG dolls! I love the fact that they’re inexpensive and Canadian- best choice as far as I’m concerned. Mom of 2 girls 4 and 7 and 6 year old boy.

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    • These dolls definitely have one of my favourite face sculpts, I think they are so beautiful! My only complaint with these dolls is the hair. I am currently working on the best method to remove the factory oil from their hair, as this is the most common complaint we hear about Newberry dolls.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Since you are here, please enter our Christmas giveaway!


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