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Canada’s JustLikeyouStudio on Etsy

You have been searching, and searching and finally found that adorable item on Etsy that you know your doll would rock on Halloween!  The excitements builds as you click “add to cart”…  “shipping to Canada $34”, suddenly your heart plummets to your stomach, disappointment overcomes you, you feel defeated.  This has happened to me more than times than I care to mention.  I currently have the cutest Evie doll costume sitting in my Etsy cart… I hoping that one day I will find a way to get it to my Canadian home for less than the darn thing costs!

As you know we are all about finding, and reviewing doll products that are available in Canada.  Products that you won’t leave you begging your best friend’s sister-in-law to pick up for you next time she is in Montana… (that’s a hint Michelle).  Products that won’t cost you an arm and a leg for shipping, not to mention those deadly import fees!  Products that are adorable and affordable, please allow us to introduce JustLikeyouStudio!

JustLikeyouStudio is handmade doll clothing created by Catherine B of Kingston, Ontario.  Catherine started sewing in her 20s, mostly garments due to her love of fashion.  When her daughter received a doll, she then started sewing simple doll dresses.  Like many of us Canadians she struggled to find cute doll clothing that could be shipped to Canada economically.  Her daughter’s friends began to notice the doll clothing that she was making, and she began making outfits for their dolls too.  (They made great birthday gifts!)  On one occasion she and her daughter were visiting The American Girl store when she was approached by five people asking where they could buy a Canada Day outfit like her daughter’s doll was wearing.‎  It was after that that Catherine decided to sell her doll clothing on Etsy.  Seeing that her daughter already had too many doll clothes, this gave her an excuse to keep sewing!  We are so glad that she did keep sewing, her clothing is too cute not to share!

Check out these adorable Halloween outfits Catherine made in the video below:

What impressed us first was how the clothing came packaged so sweetly wrapped in glittery tissue paper, with curling ribbon, and plastic bags.  We were also very impressed with the quality, and attention to detail in both of these outfits.  We are sure that you will love them too!


So the next time you are are staring down your Etsy checkout, hoping that that shipping fee would just disappear, allow us to redirect you over to JustLikeyouStudio.  Tell Catherine that Meg and Michelle sent you!


*As always on our blog prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD) unless otherwise stated.

7 thoughts on “Canada’s JustLikeyouStudio on Etsy

  1. I would like to enter please!
    This is how I would dress my dolls for Halloween:
    Maggie would be in the black cat outfit (that I got from Walmart).
    I would make Kit a lady bug.
    And I would make Gabby a princess or something think that! 😛
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    P.S. I already follow your blog, and my parents helped me enter! 😛 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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