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How to Make Doll-sized Jet Packs!

It is September and the summer is drawing to a close.  There isn’t much time left for rollerblading, or chasing after the ice cream truck.  Needless to say we know as Canadians, that we need to make the most of the summer weather that we have left.

My kids are big fans of the CBC Kids show, Artzooka and came up with this summer enhancing craft after watching an episode.  This is a very simple craft made from supplies that you probably already have on hand.


So what you need for this craft is:

  • two empty 330 mL water bottles
  • duct tape (the handyman’s secret weapon)
  • two hair elastics
  • curly gift ribbon

All of the supplies you need for this craft are available at your local Dollarama.  This craft will cost about $5 or maybe you can find what you need around your house.


First step is to tape the two water bottles together with the duct tape.


Next, tape the hair elastics to the back of the jet pack, near the top.


I used the duct tape to cover the spouts of the bottles, so they looked more like a jet engine exhaust than a water bottle.


Next  I bent the sticky tabs of the curly ribbon and pushed them inside the bottle spout.  Don’t take off the back of the tab, otherwise the sticky tab will stick to itself and not open up inside the bottle.  Having the tab open inside the bottle keeps it from falling out.


Lastly it is time for the embellishments!  These are the jet packs that my daughters made for their dolls.  As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating!  No two jet packs will look the same!


My girls also added some pom-poms and ribbon inside their bottles for “jet fuel”.


Check out all the duct tape options available at my local Dollarama!  I am loving the Tinkerbell tape!

So next time you and your doll are chasing the ice cream truck, or heading out rollerblading why not strap on this jet pack to add a little speed and excitement to the rest of your summer?

Who knows?  You may even have to start watching for dolls in the sky!


* As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.

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