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Making Memories

Let’s take a moment and be honest with ourselves.  In today’s society families are busy, children are being pushed to grow up faster than we did, and moms are often struggling to hold life all together!

Growing up I always wanted to be a wife and a mom, but not just any wife and mom, I wanted to be the best wife and mom there was!  I planned to always have a clean house, fresh cookies for my kids after school, and a well rounded meal on the table every night. The reality is, my house can be messy, there were no fresh cookies after school today, and supper was Fruit Loops with mac & cheese.

A couple years ago I had a reality check when I discovered that while I had been wrapped up with other things my kids were quickly growing up!  I had missed opportunities to sit down and play, and to truly enjoy my children.  That same year for Christmas  my girls wanted dolls, so after discussing this with my husband, we decided to order them each a Maplelea Girl.  This decision will forever go down as a parenting win!

After the girls’ dolls arrived and I found myself enjoying them just as much as (if not more  than) my daughters.  I was sitting and playing with my kids again, we would do their hair, change their outfits, and go on adventures with the dolls.



We all get excited when a new catalog comes, we pour over it together, talk about the new clothing and play sets, and research the heritage outfits.

This summer my oldest daughter told me she was glad we bought these dolls because she loves the time we spend together either playing, making crafts, or going on photoshoots with the dolls.

I never knew that getting Maplelea Girls would have such a positive impact on the relationships I have with my daughters.  Thank you Maplelea!

This is a picture I keep in my notebook, a reminder that having fun and making memories go hand in hand.


8 thoughts on “Making Memories

  1. I love it when dolls help create wonderful memories like that. Your blog helped inspire me to check Maplelea out and see what a wonderful company they were. Since I live in the US I hate the shipping costs so I very rarely buy from them, but two weeks ago I saw Saila being sold on ebay and I bought her! She came home two days ago and she’s such a beautiful doll. She and Kaya are going to be best friends.

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