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Review of Night Owl Nightwear from Maplelea


One of the things that I love about the 18 inch doll world are all the matching outfits available for girls and their dolls!  Today I want to share with you Maplelea’s Night Owl nightwear for girls and dolls.

First up Maplelea’s Night Owl Nightwear for dolls, $24:

I love these little pajamas!  We did hit a road bump when the elastic on one of the slippers snapped.  Luckily it broke at the seam and I was able to stitch it back on the slipper, we have had no problems since.  So just be careful with the slippers, the elastic can only give so much!

The perfect match, Maplelea’s Night Owl Nightwear for Girls, $28:

These are Moy-moy’s favourite pajamas, and she wears them every chance she can get!

Night Owl pair

When compared to Taryn’s pajamas in the close-up above, you can see that Moy-moy’s pajamas have faded from the frequent washings over the past year.  Despite the abuse these pjs have endured there have been no holes worn through or tears.  The fabric is 100% cotton and very, very soft.

I like that the Maplelea clothing doesn’t have any tags, in the tops or the bottoms.  (My daughters always complain about tags scratching their skin.)  As for the fit, I ordered a size 6 for Moy-moy which is the size she normally wears and they fit perfectly.

As a bonus to today’s post I have a video of the retired Night Owl Nightwear, which was price at $20 in 2011.  I love to see the older Maplelea clothing and how it has changed and over the years.  From what I can find it looks like this style of Night Owl Nightwear was retired in 2011, and replaced with new look that you see now.

This outfit did originally come with matching blue slippers, however I received this outfit secondhand and they were nowhere to be found.  I didn’t like the fit of these pajamas as they were a bit baggy on Taryn.  I also didn’t like the use the rougher style of velcro.  Definitely the new Night Owl Nightwear was an improvement on the old.


Check out our review of Maplelea’s Secord Slippers which are the perfect match to these pajamas.


* As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD) unless otherwise stated.

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