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Review of Maplelea’s West Coast Waterwear

Charlsea is the newest Maplelea Girl and is from British Columbia’s Salt Spring Island.  Charlsea loves to be outside having adventures on Canada’s beautiful West Coast.  Here are few videos of her collection.

Next is West Coast Waterwear, $26:

Again I was very impressed with the quality of this outfit.  The wetsuit is adorable, and I love the style of Charlsea’s swimsuit.  My only complaint with this outfit was the tankini top, it is hard too hard to put on!


Chalresea’s tankini top doesn’t separate in the back like Brianne’s Splish Splash Sparkle tankini top, seen in the above photo.  The lack of velcro in the back causes a bit of a problem in dressing her.


In order to put the top on you have to bring both arms over her head, thread her arms through, then try to pull the top over her head, while pulling her arms through at the same time.  This leads to very messy doll hair, and me feeling frustrated.

Your child will most likely require help with dressing her doll in this swimsuit.


* As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.


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