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Camp Fire

Fall is my favourite season of the whole year. The smell of harvest in the air (farm kids will understand), the colours & smell of the leaves & grass changing, the crispness in the air & best of all camp fires!

Our oldest daughters thought making a camp fire for our doll friends to enjoy would be a great idea. So we gathered some supplies and got at it.

Our supply list included:

Oversized Battery Operated Tea Lights From Ikea.

Gravel of Various Sizes


Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

The girls found the best way to cover the edge of the tea light was to start with the larger pieces of gravel first. They found that a small dot of glue on the tea light followed by glue the length of the rock was the best way to get the rocks to stick.

After the large gravel was glued into place they filled in the small spots with pea gravel. When done the edge of the tea light looked like a fire ring.

The next step was more tedious than the gravel, the girls took twigs and started to build the “teepee” part of the fire. Before any glue was added they figured out the length and how many twigs they needed and did a trial run.  Once the dynamics worked than came the glue.

This is a picture of the final project, they turned out great!

Note: There is no picture with the fires lit because Ikea does not include the batteries with the tea lights.  I have not been back to Ikea to buy batteries and cannot find the right size anywhere else.

*I would not recomend this craft for younger kiddos due to the chance of hot glue burns. Our daughters are 9 and 10 years old and were able to do this craft with minimal assistance.


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