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Dollympics Biking Race

Today’s post is another instalment of our Dollympics collaboration with Buzz About AG, and Faking It Mostly.  Please head over to their blogs and see what they have come up with to celebrate this event!

The Great Bike Race


Alexi, Isabelle, and Jenna stand in line waiting for the race to begin.


“Isabelle, what did you do to prepare for this race?” Alexi asked.  “Well, to be honest I didn’t have much time to prepare between my dance classes.  I am hoping that all my work dancing will help me today on the track,”  replied Isabelle.


“What about you, Jenna? ”  The girls asked. “What did you do to prepare for today’s race?”


Jenna shared with the girls how she did 200 pushups every morning…


… ran until she collapsed daily…


… and of course weight lifting exercises!  Alexi and Isabelle were very impressed with Jenna’s dedication and intense training program.


Then Jenna asked Alexi about her training program.


“Well, I actually didn’t train at all.  Someone thought that it was time that I should learn to ride my bike without training wheels, and they took them off, and hid them!  It’s ridiculous; I am a doll for goodness sake!  I can’t balance on a two-wheeler without help!!!  So, I won’t be competing in the race today, hence the cute dress.  I am only here for the photo op, and since there are only three of us in this completion I am guaranteed a medal.  I will see you both at the podium, have fun ladies!”


With that, the gun sounded, and girls took off, Jenna in the lead!


Isabelle saw an opportunity on the inside and claimed the lead.  (Clearly those ballet classes were paying off!)  This distracted Jenna and she didn’t see what lie in the path ahead.


A stick was on the path, and got stuck in the spokes of her bicycle wheel!  Jenna toppled over the handlebars and even lost her shoe!


Jenna picked herself up, put her shoe on and sat down in front of her bike.  Had she worked this hard, and come so far for a little stick take her down?


Jenna could see Isabelle far in the lead now.  Would she even have a chance?  Maybe she should just turn back.  Jenna thought of all her friends and family gathered around the television back home in Nova Scotia watching the race. “No!” Jenna thought, “I am not going let a little stick get the best of me!”  With that Jenna pulled the stick out of her spokes, summoned her strength and got back on her bike.


In no time, Jenna caught up to Isabelle, she could see the finish line looming ahead.  Jenna thought again of her family and peddled as hard as her little vinyl legs would allow…


…and she crossed the finish line just ahead of Isabelle!!!


As promised, Alexi met the girls at the podium.  Jenna with her gold medal, Isabelle with silver, and Alexi with bronze.  The girls raised their arms as the crowd cheered!


“Jenna, I have to tell you how impressed I was with your biking today.  It takes a lot of courage to get up and race again once you have an accident like that.  You certainly have the heart of a champion and you deserve the gold medal that is around your neck”  said Isabelle.

“Thank you, Isabelle” replied Jenna “it was an honour racing with you today in the Dollympics.  Keep up your hard work with ballet, and I will be sure to catch your next performance.”  Jenna’s heart was full, not only had she won the race…she had a new friend.



23 thoughts on “Dollympics Biking Race

  1. Oh, so cool. I’m so glad Jenna won. She deserved it after her hard work. It reminds me of a guy in the human Olympics running the 1500 meters? I think? who actually fell to the ground, got up and still won the race! His name started with an F but I don’t remember it.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Loved your photo story.
    I recognize Alexi’s bike as OG and Isabelle’s bike is Journey Girls. But I can’t figure out what brand name Jenna’s bike is. Please post where it came from!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you! I was very lucky and my American friend gave me a box of her old American Girl toys, I found this bike amongst her treasures. From my research it appears to be Molly’s bicycle… it’s simply an amazing toy. If you ever have a chance to own an American Girl bicycle I would say go for it, no other doll bike can hold a candle to this one!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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