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Dollympics – Beach Volley Ball

We are having so much fun at our house watching the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics! Go team Canada!

Today’s post is dedicated to Beach Volleyball.

When getting the items together for this event the first concern that my girls had was what were we going to use for sand. So a quick trip to Dollarama and $5.00 later we had all the items we needed to make our court.

For the sand we used a bamboo beach mat, the net was made from two black hair nets sewen together and wooden s’more sticks. For the ball we used a colored ping pong ball. It was the perfect size.

Even though we ended up short one player for this round of volleyball Kit, Leonie, and Jenna played a great game! Jenna was a great sport when Alexi developed a heat related injury.

Over all Beach Volleyball was a “Smashing Success’.

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