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Dollympics Powerlifting

Faking it Mostly, Buzz About AG, along with Michelle and I have chosen to dedicate a few posts to the 2016 Summer Games in Rio.  Over the next two weeks on our blog you will see photo stories, and crafts dedicated to different olympic events.  For the full “Dollympics” experience you must also visit Faking it Mostly and Buzz About AG, you don’t want to miss out!

I was assigned to do a Dollympics craft for Powerlifting!


So I set out to Dollarama to gather supplies.


In order to get the dowel to stick to the styrofoam ball, I pushed the dowel against the styrofoam ball and twisted until it punctured the ball.


Once I felt that the dowel was in deep enough, my 9 year old Dee-dee filled the hole with hot glue around the base of the dowel.


Once the glue dried, Dee-dee and her 6 year old sister, Moy-moy were given the task of painting the styrofoam balls.


They got very creative, and here is the finished result.  I have never seen such fancy weights before!


Here is Saige lifting the heaviest weight high above her head!


Jenna thought she would upstage Saige by lifting it with one hand!

This craft was incredibly easy and fun, and perfect for a “Dollympics” event at your home!


19 thoughts on “Dollympics Powerlifting

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  2. I LOVED THIS! When I was growing up, I used to love to watch the weightlifting competitions, not just during the Olympics. I always rooted for a guy named Vasily Alekseyev, he was from Russia and he broke all sorts of records in his career. Thanks for the reminder!!!

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  3. Sweet! I’ll make that! Even though in real life, I have no interest in weight-lifting periodf. (Unless lifting extremely heavy book bags on to my shoulder counts, that is! :D)

    I entered your summer photo contest, by the way! And are you enjoying the Olympic games as much as we are over here? I have one doll with Canadian ties, and one with Mexican, and a new doll with British ties, so it’s a smorgasbord over here. 😀

    I have a whole post planned about my Olympic-themed craziness…. And I’m not a sporty girl, so… XD

    I’ll make sure to keep checking you guys’ sites for mor Olympian stuff!

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