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Calgary Dolls with Dolls

When Meg and I first started Canadian Doll Notebook we would often talk about how nice it would be to have a local club of ladies who shares then same love of 18 inch dolls.

We are a part of many Facebook groups that are full of women that share the same passion as us, but its not quite the same as having a local club. One where we can buy-sell-trade locally. A place where great finds are posted in Canadian dollars or where to find them in Canada. We can meet up for playdates with our kids or for just the “big” kids. We can help each other out with finding those must have, want, or hard to find items.

Through different avenues Meg and I have met Tara and Shay. And together we have founded Calgary Dolls with Dolls.


We are a local group in the Calgary area and are excited to meet other ladies who share the same passion as us. Though we are primarily a local group, as long as you are willing to follow the rules and guidelines set out by the group we will welcome you!

Our followers know Meg and I but let us introduce you to ths other two members co-founding members of Calgary Dolls with Dolls.


Hey there! My name is Tara. As a kid growing up in the 80s, I never really cared much for dolls (with the exception of my Cabbage Patch Kids).  Fast forward many years later to the summer of 2013, when I discovered American Girl. These dolls changed my mind completely on how diverse, fun and creative the doll world can be. My daughter received her first 18 inch American Girl doll when she turned three (a JLY #1 she named Saige). Shortly after I purchased my first American Girl (Sonali) and it has been love ever since. Doll play is something we enjoy together, whether it is setting up a bakery scene, changing their outfits or crafting for them. I personally have a weakness for 18 inch doll sized food and covet someday owning Lanie’s camper. My hope is that Calgary Dolls with Dolls continues to grow to become a fantastic forum for meeting and talking with other ladies who share the same passion and excitement for this 18 inch world.

and Shay:

My name is shaylene, I am 19 years old and I started collecting american girl dolls in august 2015. Grace was my first doll, what I love about American Girl is the quality and that they are absolutely beautiful dolls. They hold their value and then some. I’m excited for the club because you get to meet some really amazing people who have the same hobby as you, I also like the values american girl teaches you in life that women are strong individuals and have willpower. I love how they teach us history it really opens your eyes about what happened in times before now. I also am excited about this group because by meeting new people you gain knowledge you didn’t know before and you never feel too old.
I am so excited to team up with these 3 amazing ladies and can’t wait to see how the club will grow and evolve with time.


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