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We’re Now on a First Name Basis in Saskatoon

Today we are lucky enough to have my husband, Ed guest post for again.  Take it away Ed!

There are usually minor disagreements when you go on a road trip.  Imagine yourself in a confined steel cage that makes it very inconvenient to get food or water, no bathroom available and you are forced to look straight ahead and keep your hands in front of you; that is travelling in a car.  Imagine that and then throw in the fact that your cellmate isn’t speaking to you.  Actually, travelling isn’t that bad.  The road from Calgary to Saskatoon isn’t that eventful; even the bathroom breaks are few and far between.

To break the ice I thought I would ask the standard prison question: “So, what are you in for?”


What are you in for?

I’ve never been to prison but I’m assuming you don’t ask the same question twice.

But we made to Saskatoon and I was hoping that Jenna would like it.  Yes.  we are on a first name basis.  Well, she didn’t tell me her name herself; I had to ask Meg for it.  I was visiting my brother in Saskatoon and it took some convincing for him to let me bring Jenna along but Jenna doesn’t make a fuss usually. The only attention she brings is usually not to herself.  The strange attention is usually on me.  Anyhow, below you can see Jenna in front of the Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon.


The Bessborough Hotel

This is one of Saskatoon’s historical landmarks.  Built in a chateau-like style, by the Canadian National Railway in completed in 1932 but because of the Depression not officially opened until 1935.  When the Queen visits Saskatoon, she usually stays at the “Bess”.  Jenna didn’t mind posing in front of the historical landmark.

Girls will never tell you when they are hungry but the plans were to eat at the Sushi place at the Bessborough Hotel.  Jenna quickly sat down and started to peruse the menu.  I think she likes sushi.  So does Meg.  I wonder if it is a Nova Scotia thing.  Although I don’t remember meeting too many Japanese people in Nova Scotia.  The restaurant was a little dark but Jenna didn’t seem to mind; she even kept her sunglasses on.  A little strange but I know not to ask.


The Samurai restaurant offers sushi as well as Japanese barbeque; the kind where the grill is right in front of you and there is a cook who cooks your food in front of you.  Below is Jenna posing across from the pedestrian bridge.  I was too afraid to go walk on the bridge and I think Jenna was too; however, she wouldn’t admit it.


We also visited the pumphouse on the river.  Jenna tried her best to fit in with the locals.


Trying to fit in with the locals.


Always willing to hold a hand.

I also took Jenna to the Berry Farm.  It’s a cool little place that boasts of a well stocked greenhouse, a place where U-pick Saskatoon Berries and home-style cooking with a great view of the South Saskatchewan River.  Saskatoon Berry Pie.  Delicious!  Jenna really enjoyed seeing flowers in full bloom close-up.  Well, at least I think she did.  As always, it is a complete guess with the girls.


Jenna didn’t mind reviewing some of the work done in the lab.


We can both agree that she is quite resourceful.


I thought it would be a good time to tell a joke:  “Well, did you have any trouble ‘booking’ the viewing?”…There’s a certain response from someone who thinks the joke you just told isn’t remotely funny.  It’s either a pity laugh or no response at all.  Guess what Jenna did. All in all, we had a good trip.  And it was time to return home.


So, that was the trip, we are now back home and I have to return Jenna to her room.  Here’s what we saw on our return:


The Brunette is still out, the other girl seems no longer interested,  and it looks like the Jedi used the Force to escape.  🙂


15 thoughts on “We’re Now on a First Name Basis in Saskatoon

  1. Another hilarious post! I think for Christmas, Santa needs to bring Ed his own doll and he needs to start his own blog…oh the stories he could tell.

    My favorite part is the doll posing with the statues. Still giggling!

    Liked by 1 person

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