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Review of Lilli Lovebird Clothing

Recently Lilli Lovebird was featured on zulily.  The prices were great and the dresses were too cute to pass up, so I bought two of the Girl & Doll dresses for my daughters.

I was so impressed with the speed of shipping, the following week I went to my mailbox and found the dresses inside!


The dresses came in a clear plastic wrapping with these adorable personalized tags attached.  Dee-dee’s dress was made by “Susan”, and Moy-moy’s dress had been made by “Gonzo”.  This extra touch went a long way with me.


Here is Dee-dee and Brianne modelling their new maxi dresses, I paid $33.99 for this duo.  The dress is made from a stretchy jersey knit and it very comfortable and breezy, great for the summer.  Dee-dee really likes this dress.


Dee-dee is 9 years old and is tall for her age, but very slim.  Finding the right fit in clothing can be a challenge, so when I ordered her dress I went by her height and not girth.  In the above photo you can see that the dress still fits well despite her small frame.


I liked the detail of the ties on the shoulders.


Moy-moy is 6 years old and isn’t as natural a model as her older sister.  This was the best photo I could capture of her and Alexi together in their matching dresses.  Her dress is made of light cloth fabric, with a gathered elasticized bodice.  I loved the style of this dress as it reminds me of the sundresses I used to wear as a little girl.  I paid $37.99 for Moy-moy and Alexi’s dresses.

Again with sizing I went by Moy-moy’s height, and not girth as she also has a small frame, and I wanted to ensue that the dress would be long enough.  The elastic in the bodice helps this dress to fit snugly, and eliminates the need for zippers so she can easily dress herself, and her doll without any help from me.  This dress is slowly becoming a favourite of hers, she often pairs it with a white shrug on Sundays for church.

Finding dresses to fit my daughters is often a challenge as they are so slim, as I have mentioned before.  I have bought dresses in the past for my girls which sag around their chests and arms.  I have either had to do some altering of my own or just give them away in the end, but these Lilli Lovebird dresses fit like a dream!  I cannot express enough how pleased I was with the fit!

Overall I was very happy with this purchase.  I was extremely happy with the fit, the price, and the speed of delivery. I would certainly order from Lilli Lovebird again, and recommend their products to you, our friends.


*As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.*

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