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Road Trip!

So while we were gone my husband Ed really caught the doll blogging bug.  Here is another enjoyable post from my wonderful husband:

Road Trip!

There’s nothing like a road trip to clear the mind and escape the empty house.  While the family was away, I was able to finish some landscaping in the front yard and complete the driveway in the back.  Anyways, last time I told you I cancelled Slice TV on the dolls.  I felt bad about it so I thought I would make it up to the girls so I decided to invite them on a road trip.  

So I went downstairs and asked if anyone wanted to come:


Only a couple of them seemed interested.  The others seemed less so.  I assumed the brunette and the Jedi had a rough night.   Anyways, I decided on the redhead, she looked like she would be easy-going for the road trip and she already had her sunglasses on.  You’ll have to excuse me, I don’t know their names.


She seemed excited to come and it looked like she was getting her stuff ready.


I told her we were taking my car.  


She didn’t say anything.  I don’t know for sure what that means.  She did take a moment to sit in the jeep for awhile.  She still had a smile on her face but again, I don’t know what that means.


Although I think there is a weight restriction(minimum) for the front seat, I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers when I saw her put her seatbelt on.


She wasn’t opposed to taking a couple of pictures at the Saskatchewan Border but you can tell from the picture, she seemed a little distant.


The rest of the road trip was a little awkward.  Although she seemed happy to be in the front seat, she didn’t say much.  She spent most of her time looking out the window.  I tried to do the James Corden Car Karaoke thing which was fun for awhile.  


“Are you hungry?”


“Do want the air conditioning on?”


“Anything you want to listen to?”

The rest of the drive was a little awkward.  She didn’t say very much.  I think it’s because I forgot her brush at home but… I may never know.  


Once we got to Saskatoon, she looked a little tired.  The sunglasses were off and her eyes were half closed so I just let her sleep in the spare room.

Being stuck in a car for a long drive can certainly be a stressful experience.  It reminds me of our honeymoon; I think we did drive through Saskatoon.. Disclaimer though, this road trip was nothing like our honeymoon.  

But a piece of advice, if you ever get married one day, it may not be the best idea to drive 40 hours starting the very next day…;)    but, worth every second!

14 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Great post. My husband took my daughter and 2 of her dolls to hike Mt. Whitney. He hiked for miles with 2 dolls sticking out of his pack! He got a lot of questions, but he is great sport like you.

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