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Review of My Life Ice Cream Shoppe

Our Walmart never has anything cute in their My Life Collection, however one day I went to peek and I spied this adorable set!  That was it, I had to get it!  I can’t remember exactly what I paid, but I want to say that this set was under $30, or just over.

Ice cream shoppe

So let’s take a peek and see all the accessories!


First off it came with a few cardboard pieces.  I liked that they included both french and english on the price list.  My only question, why is the ice cream cheaper if you order in french?   Maybe I will try that next time I take the kids out.

I think that the little cardboard squares with the ice cream cones on them are supposed to be napkins.  There were also a few dollar bills in the set.


The stand itself had some shelving to display the goodies and pull-out drawer in the bottom.  This is were my daughters keep the extra signs and napkins.


It also came with a small register with a pull out drawer that fits the tiny dollar bills.  There are no actual buttons to push on this toy, it’s just a sticker.


Here are the treats that came with the set.  I like the added detail of the ice cream scoop, there are no moving parts on the scoop.


This is a close up view of the treats.


I liked the ice cream cone holder, and that the ice cream scoops stack on top of each other.

Such a cute set, at such a great price!


*As always on our blog prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD) unless otherwise stated.

5 thoughts on “Review of My Life Ice Cream Shoppe

  1. This is such a cute set! I am waiting until our Walmart gets them in again. We bought the MyLifeAs desk the last time it was in instead because we needed a desk for one of our dollhouse rooms. Then the ice cream sets sold out so fast! 🙂 I am so thrilled that you reviewed this set. It’s nice to see everything out of the package, but now I want the set even more! ❤

    ginnie /

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  2. Very very cute! I agree with Ginnie, it’s nice to see all of these parts out of the packaging. I’ve been tempted by this one, but I already have the stand, just different accessories.

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