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Am I going crazy?

Today’s guest post has been written by Meg’s husband, Ed.  Please enjoy!

Am I going crazy?

And so I come home to no one; it’s quiet, dark and more quiet.  Don’t get me wrong, I like quiet or so I thought.  I remember when I was in university, I would go to the library and find a table in the basement and spread my books out on the table and study in peace and quiet.  I would get so much work done.  Since then, Meg and I gained 4 wonderful children.  They truly are wonderful all the time and pleasant most of the time.  But, there are those regular short moments of their unpleasantness that make our home more of the non-quiet environment.  So, why is it now that as I should be enjoying this brief time of time to myself, I miss my family so much more.  Even as I’m typing these thoughts, I find it very strange that there is no small human walking in to climb on my lap and attempt to type on the keyboard or that there are no larger smaller humans asking what I’m doing and effectively interrupting the typing process.  I don’t have to clean messes, stop fights or wipe anyone else’s bum, at the present moment.  

This time has been good for me.  I realize that no matter the number of times that little Daih-dai climbs on me while I’m trying to do something or Goh-go asking for help, it’s now a part of me to hear those pleas for help, even the high decibel sound of my daughter Muih-mui screaming about some injustice in the world and Dee-dee being annoyed with it.  I love my family very much.  My kids say they hate me sometimes and love me all the time and there have been times, in the same sentence.  I would not trade it for the world because they are my world.

Since my family is away, there is no one to supervise at home.  This is what I came home to today:  


I don’t know their names but….when my family gets home, we are all going to review some house rules, like no eating and drinking on the couch…

…And I’m cancelling Slice TV.   


8 thoughts on “Am I going crazy?

  1. LOL! I feel exactly the same way when I have the house to myself! I look, and then I look again, and then I do a double take, and I think to myself, “Whoa. It’s still clean! Last time I looked, it was clean, and it’s still clean now! Wonderful!”
    It’s seriously astounding to me how clean my house stays when no one is actually in it. LOL!

    ginnie /

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    • I’m glad to hear there are other people that feel the same. It is amazing, during this whole time, I’ve only had to pick up the toys once. 🙂 Thanks for your comments.

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