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Garden of Discovery

I love to garden, in fact I have turned my entire front yard into one big flower garden!


Perhaps my passion for gardening has influenced me to love this $20 outfit from Maplelea.  This outfit is called Garden of Discovery, and sadly it is on the last chance list.  This means that this outfit is no longer in production, and when it is gone, it is gone!

Is it not adorable?  I could totally see Julie Albright, my American Girl doll rocking this outfit as well.  I love that this outfit only used buttons for closure,  no Velcro to fight with!  This outfit didn’t come with shoes, however I made do with Alexi’s clogs.

I found the perfect match for this outfit, check out this adorable play set I found at Walmart!

garden set

This play set was only $10 so i wasn’t expecting too much, however I was so surprised with all its features!


My girls loved that the strawberry plant came out of the pot, so you can start with an empty pot and watch your plant “grow”.  I am so impressed that there was plastic card inside the seed envelope with strawberry seeds drawn on it!  My girls loved that the watering can has tiny holes in the spout so the dolls can help to water the garden.  The garden tools are one solid piece of plastic and painted to look like metal.  Also the pruning shears actually move!  My kids love this set, even the boys!

Happy gardening!


*As always pricing is listed in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.

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